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Below you find a list of selected publications that were published with the help of our microscopes and dyes.

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Year Journal Author Title Microscope|Dye
2020 BMC biology Najdrová, V., et al. The evolution of the Puf superfamily of proteins across the tree of eukaryotes
2020 EMBO molecular medicine Dieter, A., et al. μLED‐based optical cochlear implants for spectrally selective activation of the auditory nerve
2020 The EMBO journal Stephan, T., et al. MICOS assembly controls mitochondrial inner membrane remodeling and crista junction redistribution to mediate cristae formation
2020 ACS nano Grußmayer, K., et al. Self-blinking dyes unlock high-order and multiplane super-resolution optical fluctuation imaging
2020 Chemical science Bucevičius, J., et al. Enhancing the biocompatibility of rhodamine fluorescent probes by a neighbouring group effect
2020 Nature communications Rudolph, F., et al. Deconstructing sarcomeric structure–function relations in titin-BioID knock-in mice
2020 Nature communications Zhang, T., et al. Anapole mediated giant photothermal nonlinearity in nanostructured silicon
2020 Medical microbiology and immunology Finke, J., et al. HPV caught in the tetraspanin web?
2020 ACS photonics Barbotin, A., et al. Background reduction in STED-FCS using a bivortex phase mask
2020 Nature communications Toda, H., et al. Plasma-derived extracellular vesicles from Plasmodium vivax patients signal spleen fibroblasts via NF-kB facilitating parasite cytoadherence
2020 Cells Tröger, J., et al. Comparison of Multiscale Imaging Methods for Brain Research
2020 Journal of Biophotonics Lucidi, M., et al. STED nanoscopy of KK114‐stained pathogenic bacteria
2020 Cells Begemann, I., et al. Parallel Acquisition of Plasma Membrane Ultrastructure and Cytosolic Protein Localisation in Cultured Cells via Correlated Immunogold SEM
2020 Nature cell biology Zhang, R., et al. Dynamin regulates the dynamics and mechanical strength of the actin cytoskeleton as a multifilament actin-bundling protein
2020 The Journal of organic chemistry Belov, V. N., et al. Synthesis of Fluorescent Jasplakinolide Analogues for Live-Cell STED Microscopy of Actin
2020 Scientific reports Zong, Y., et al. Phosphatidylserine positive microparticles improve hemostasis in in-vitro hemophilia A plasma models
2019 Biomedical Optics Express Koho, S. V., et al. Two-photon image-scanning microscopy with SPAD array and blind image reconstruction
2020 JCI insight Schinner, C., et al. Stabilization of desmoglein-2 binding rescues arrhythmia in arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy
2020 Nanoscale Sograte-Idrissi, S., et al. Circumvention of common labelling artefacts using secondary nanobodies
2020 Cell Sanders, D. W., et al. Competing protein-RNA interaction networks control multiphase intracellular organization
2020 Cell Guillén-Boixet, J., et al. RNA-induced conformational switching and clustering of G3BP drive stress granule assembly by condensation
2020 Vaccine Hirsch, J., et al. E. coli production process yields stable dengue 1 virus-sized particles (VSPs)
2020 Journal of Biological Chemistry Stanly, T. A., et al. The cortical actin network regulates avidity-dependent binding of hyaluronan by the lymphatic vessel endothelial receptor LYVE-1
2020 Cancers Pachathundikandi, S. K., et al. Helicobacter pylori Avoids the Critical Activation of NLRP3 Inflammasome-Mediated Production of Oncogenic Mature IL-1β in Human Immune Cells
2020 Organic & biomolecular chemistry Gerasimaitė, R., et al. Efflux pump insensitive rhodamine–jasplakinolide conjugates for G- and F-actin imaging in living cells
2020 Scientific reports Finke, J., et al. Anatomy of a viral entry platform differentially functionalized by integrins α3 and α6
2020 Nucleic acids research Kochanova, N. Y., et al. A multi-layered structure of the interphase chromocenter revealed by proximity-based biotinylation
2020 Cell reports Lüningschrör, P., et al. The FTLD risk factor TMEM106B regulates the transport of lysosomes at the axon initial segment of motoneurons
2020 Journal of Cell Biology Ferreira, L. T., et al. α-Tubulin detyrosination impairs mitotic error correction by suppressing MCAK centromeric activity
2020 Scientific reports Martínez, G. F., et al. Quantitative expansion microscopy for the characterization of the spectrin periodic skeleton of axons using fluorescence microscopy
2020 EMBO reports Kondadi, A. K., et al. Cristae undergo continuous cycles of membrane remodelling in a MICOS‐dependent manner
2020 Cell reports Ivanova, D., et al. CtBP1-mediated membrane fission contributes to effective recycling of synaptic vesicles
2020 Optics express Vinçon, B., et al. Pixel hopping enables fast STED nanoscopy at low light dose
2020 Nature communications Steinkühler, J., et al. Controlled division of cell-sized vesicles by low densities of membrane-bound proteins
2020 Frontiers in cellular neuroscience Hefting, L. L., et al. Multiple domains in the Kv7.3 C-terminus can regulate localization to the axon initial segment
2020 Cerebral Cortex Ghézali, G., et al. Neuronal activity drives astroglial connexin 30 in perisynaptic processes and shapes its functions
2020 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Le, T., et al. Anaerobic peroxisomes in Mastigamoeba balamuthi
2020 Nature communications Ast, J., et al. Super-resolution microscopy compatible fluorescent probes reveal endogenous glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor distribution and dynamics
2020 Nature methods Gwosch, K. C., et al. MINFLUX nanoscopy delivers 3D multicolor nanometer resolution in cells
2020 EMBO reports Covill‐Cooke, C., et al. Peroxisomal fission is modulated by the mitochondrial Rho‐GTPases, Miro1 and Miro2
2020 In Nanoscale Photonic Imaging Egner, A., et al. STED Nanoscopy
2020 In Nanoscale Photonic Imaging Keller-Findeisen, J., et al. Quantifying molecule numbers in STED/RESOLFT fluorescence nanoscopy
2019 Cell reports Razvag, Y., et al. T cell activation through isolated tight contacts
2019 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Rudolph, F., et al. Resolving titin’s lifecycle and the spatial organization of protein turnover in mouse cardiomyocytes
2019 Scientific reports Albertsson, I., et al. Functional interactions between nitrite reductase and nitric oxide reductase from Paracoccus denitrificans
2019 ACS nano Hedde, P. N., et al. Pair correlation analysis maps the dynamic two-dimensional organization of natural killer cell receptors at the synapse
2019 Current Biology Zielinska, A. P., et al. Meiotic kinetochores fragment into multiple lobes upon cohesin loss in aging eggs
2019 MBio Zila, V., et al. Analysis of CA content and CPSF6 dependence of early HIV-1 replication complexes in SupT1-R5 cells
2019 Cell Beutel, O., et al. Phase separation of zonula occludens proteins drives formation of tight junctions
2019 Nature microbiology Neufeldt, C. J., et al. ER-shaping atlastin proteins act as central hubs to promote flavivirus replication and virion assembly
2019 Nature methods Inavalli, V. K., et al. A super-resolution platform for correlative live single-molecule imaging and STED microscopy
2019 Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics Deguchi, T., et al. Density and function of actin-microdomains in healthy and NF1 deficient osteoclasts revealed by the combined use of atomic force and stimulated emission depletion microscopy
2019 The FASEB Journal Klotz, L., et al. Localization of group II and III metabotropic glutamate receptors at pre‐and postsynaptic sites of inner hair cell ribbon synapses
2019 Science advances Favard, C., et al. HIV-1 Gag specifically restricts PI (4, 5) P2 and cholesterol mobility in living cells creating a nanodomain platform for virus assembly
2019 Scientific reports Hochheimer, N., et al. Classes of non-conventional tetraspanins defined by alternative splicing
2019 Nature communications Götzke, H., et al. The ALFA-tag is a highly versatile tool for nanobody-based bioscience applications
2019 Scientific reports Stephan, T., et al. Live-cell STED nanoscopy of mitochondrial cristae
2019 Acta neuropathologica communications Haskó, J., et al. Response of the neurovascular unit to brain metastatic breast cancer cells
2019 Nature communications Bartok, A., et al. IP3 receptor isoforms differently regulate ER-mitochondrial contacts and local calcium transfer
2019 Journal of Cell Biology Gong, J., et al. Gulp1 controls Eph/ephrin trogocytosis and is important for cell rearrangements during development
2019 Frontiers in cellular neuroscience Schlüter, A., et al. Dynamic regulation of synaptopodin and the axon initial segment in retinal ganglion cells during postnatal development
2019 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Cell Research Kumar, R., et al. Cell spread area and traction forces determine myosin-II-based cortex thickness regulation
2019 Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics Wurm, C. A., et al. Correlative STED super-resolution light and electron microscopy on resin sections
2019 Cell reports Wagner, W., et al. Myosin VI drives clathrin-mediated AMPA receptor endocytosis to facilitate cerebellar long-term depression
2019 PloS one Abariute, L., et al. Uptake of nanowires by human lung adenocarcinoma cells
2019 Nature communications Comerci, C. J., et al. Topologically-guided continuous protein crystallization controls bacterial surface layer self-assembly
2019 Viruses Kummer, S., et al. IFITM3 clusters on virus containing endosomes and lysosomes early in the influenza A infection of human airway epithelial cells
2019 PLoS genetics Silva Ramos, E., et al. Mitochondrial fusion is required for regulation of mitochondrial DNA replication
2019 PLoS biology Basnayake, K., et al. Fast calcium transients in dendritic spines driven by extreme statistics
2019 Nature microbiology Perez-Zsolt, D., et al. Anti-Siglec-1 antibodies block Ebola viral uptake and decrease cytoplasmic viral entry
2019 Nature communications Salvarani, N., et al. The K219T-Lamin mutation induces conduction defects through epigenetic inhibition of SCN5A in human cardiac laminopathy
2019 Elife Mikuličić, S., et al. ADAM17-dependent signaling is required for oncogenic human papillomavirus entry platform assembly
2019 Nanoscale Janel, S., et al. Stiffness tomography of eukaryotic intracellular compartments by atomic force microscopy
2019 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Stoldt, S., et al. Mic60 exhibits a coordinated clustered distribution along and across yeast and mammalian mitochondria
2019 Nanoscale Bergstrand, J., et al. Super-resolution microscopy can identify specific protein distribution patterns in platelets incubated with cancer cells
2019 ChemBioChem Grimm, F., et al. Green‐Emitting Rhodamine Dyes for Vital Labeling of Cell Organelles Using STED Super‐Resolution Microscopy
2019 Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences Fuchs, M., et al. Plakophilin 1 but not plakophilin 3 regulates desmoglein clustering
2019 ACS nano Hamans, R. F., et al. Super-resolution mapping of enhanced emission by collective plasmonic resonances
2019 Scientific reports Schloetel, J. G., et al. Guided STED nanoscopy enables super-resolution imaging of blood stage malaria parasites
2019 European Biophysics Journal Pajk, S., et al. New coumarin-and phenoxazine-based fluorescent probes for live-cell STED nanoscopy
2019 Journal of neurovirology Wenzel, E. D., et al. HIV-associated neurodegeneration: exploitation of the neuronal cytoskeleton
2019 Nature protocols Sezgin, E., et al. Measuring nanoscale diffusion dynamics in cellular membranes with super-resolution STED–FCS
2019 Optics express Pereira, A., et al. Coherent-hybrid STED: high contrast sub-diffraction imaging using a bi-vortex depletion beam
2019 Nature Lodygin, D., et al. β-Synuclein-reactive T cells induce autoimmune CNS grey matter degeneration
2019 Elife Bejarano, D. A., et al. HIV-1 nuclear import in macrophages is regulated by CPSF6-capsid interactions at the nuclear pore complex
2019 Biophysical journal Yoon, J., et al. Revealing nanoscale morphology of the primary cilium using super-resolution fluorescence microscopy
2019 Journal of Experimental Medicine Weckbach, L. T., et al. Midkine drives cardiac inflammation by promoting neutrophil trafficking and NETosis in myocarditis
2019 Nature communications Carravilla, P., et al. Molecular recognition of the native HIV-1 MPER revealed by STED microscopy of single virions
2019 Science immunology Tsopoulidis, N., et al. T cell receptor–triggered nuclear actin network formation drives CD4+ T cell effector functions
2019 mAbs Maidorn, M., et al. Nanobodies reveal an extra-synaptic population of SNAP-25 and Syntaxin 1A in hippocampal neurons
2018 PLoS pathogens Nauth, T., et al. Visualization of translocons in Yersinia type III protein secretion machines during host cell infection
2018 Science signaling Diercks, B. P., et al. ORAI1, stromal interaction molecules 1/2, and ryanodine receptor type 1 shape sub-second Ca2+ microdomains upon T cell activation
2019 Nature methods Gambarotto, D., et al. Imaging cellular ultrastructures using expansion microscopy (U-ExM)
2018 Journal of the American Chemical Society Wang, L., et al. Small-molecule fluorescent probes for live-cell super-resolution microscopy
2018 Journal of neurotrauma Loy, K., et al. Enhanced voluntary exercise improves functional recovery following spinal cord injury by impacting the local neuroglial injury response and supporting the rewiring of supraspinal circuits
2018 ACS nano Saal, K. A., et al. Combined use of unnatural amino acids enables dual-color super-resolution imaging of proteins via click chemistry
2018 Nano letters Spahn, C., et al. Whole-cell, 3D, and multicolor STED imaging with exchangeable fluorophores
2018 Nature communications Durand, A., et al. A machine learning approach for online automated optimization of super-resolution optical microscopy
2018 Nucleic acids research Hegedüs, É., et al. Endogenous single-strand DNA breaks at RNA polymerase II promoters in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
2018 Nature communications Chen, Y., et al. Multi-color live-cell super-resolution volume imaging with multi-angle interference microscopy
2018 Nature communications Kamper, M., et al. Near-infrared STED nanoscopy with an engineered bacterial phytochrome
2018 Journal of biophotonics Görlitz, F., et al. easySLM‐STED: Stimulated emission depletion microscopy with aberration correction, extended field of view and multiple beam scanning
2018 Development Ravikumar, R., et al. Independent yet overlapping pathways ensure the robustness and responsiveness of trans-Golgi network functions in Arabidopsis
2018 Nucleic acids research Anselm, E., et al. Oligomerization of Drosophila Nucleoplasmin-Like Protein is required for its centromere localization
2018 Developmental cell Krahmer, N., et al. Organellar proteomics and phospho-proteomics reveal subcellular reorganization in diet-induced hepatic steatosis
2018 Analytical chemistry Wijesooriya, C. S., et al. Optical imaging of the nanoscale structure and dynamics of biological membranes
2018 Frontiers in physiology Brandenburg, S., et al. Axial tubule junctions activate atrial Ca2+ release across species
2018 Environmental science & technology Karam, A. L., et al. Development of photochemical microsensors for evaluating photosynthetic light dose distributions in microalgal photobioreactors
2018 Traffic Ringer, K., et al. The large GTPase Mx1 binds Kif5B for cargo transport along microtubules
2018 Journal of cell science Kurtulmus, B., et al. LRRC45 contributes to early steps of axoneme extension
2018 ACS nano Boott, C. E., et al. Probing the growth kinetics for the formation of uniform 1D block copolymer nanoparticles by living crystallization-driven self-assembly
2018 ACS applied materials & interfaces Murtezi, E., et al. Biofunctionalization of sub-diffractionally patterned polymer structures by photobleaching
2018 Nature communications Bernhardt, M., et al. Correlative microscopy approach for biology using X-ray holography, X-ray scanning diffraction and STED microscopy
2018 Cell Meyer, K., et al. Mutations in disordered regions can cause disease by creating dileucine motifs
2018 Science Sigal, Y. M., et al. Visualizing and discovering cellular structures with super-resolution microscopy
2018 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular and Cell Biology of Lipids Gemmink, A., et al. Super-resolution microscopy localizes perilipin 5 at lipid droplet-mitochondria interaction sites and at lipid droplets juxtaposing to perilipin 2
2018 Nature communications Pathak, A., et al. Factor H binding proteins protect division septa on encapsulated Streptococcus pneumoniae against complement C3b deposition and amplification
2018 Advanced Optical Materials Xu, J., et al. Plasmonic Nanoprobes for Multiplexed Fluorescence‐Free Super‐Resolution Imaging
2018 Nature methods Strack, R., et al. Monitoring molecular jumps
2018 Nano letters Urbančič, I., et al. Nanoparticles can wrap epithelial cell membranes and relocate them across the epithelial cell layer
2018 ACS nano Schneider, F., et al. Statistical analysis of scanning fluorescence correlation spectroscopy data differentiates free from hindered diffusion
2018 Nanoscale Molle, J., et al. Towards structural biology with super-resolution microscopy
2018 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes Mobarak, E., et al. How to minimize dye-induced perturbations while studying biomembrane structure and dynamics: PEG linkers as a rational alternative
2018 Human Reproduction Ponandai-Srinivasan, S., et al. Aberrant expression of genes associated with stemness and cancer in endometria and endometrioma in a subset of women with endometriosis
2018 Soft Matter Hanke, J., et al. Dynamics of force generation by spreading platelets
2018 Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences Ungewiß, H., et al. Dsg2 via Src-mediated transactivation shapes EGFR signaling towards cell adhesion
2018 Life science alliance Yu, Y., et al. Neuronal Aβ42 is enriched in small vesicles at the presynaptic side of synapses
2018 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Eilers, Y., et al. MINFLUX monitors rapid molecular jumps with superior spatiotemporal resolution
2018 Nano letters Schneider, F., et al. Nanoscale spatiotemporal diffusion modes measured by simultaneous confocal and stimulated emission depletion nanoscopy imaging
2018 Nature Van Zee, N. J., et al. Potential enthalpic energy of water in oils exploited to control supramolecular structure
2018 Nature methods Jin, D., et al. Nanoparticles for super-resolution microscopy and single-molecule tracking
2018 Scientific reports Soliman, K., et al. Super-resolution imaging reveals the sub-diffraction phenotype of Zellweger Syndrome ghosts and wild-type peroxisomes
2018 Journal of physics D: Applied physics Reina, F., et al. Complementary studies of lipid membrane dynamics using iSCAT and super-resolved fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
2018 The Journal of organic chemistry Roubinet, B., et al. Photoactivatable rhodamine spiroamides and diazoketones decorated with “Universal Hydrophilizer” or hydroxyl groups
2018 Physical review letters Zhao, G., et al. Nonlinear focal modulation microscopy
2018 Methods and applications in fluorescence Nunn, N., et al. Fluorescent single-digit detonation nanodiamond for biomedical applications
2018 Journal of the American Chemical Society Adelizzi, B., et al. Supramolecular block copolymers under thermodynamic control
2018 Review of Scientific Instruments Heine, J., et al. Three dimensional live-cell STED microscopy at increased depth using a water immersion objective
2018 Methods Wang, R., et al. A straightforward STED-background corrected fitting model for unbiased STED-FCS analyses
2018 Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Cell Research Chumová, J., et al. γ-Tubulin has a conserved intrinsic property of self-polymerization into double stranded filaments and fibrillar networks
2018 Methods Waithe, D., et al. Optimized processing and analysis of conventional confocal microscopy generated scanning FCS data
2018 Methods Maraspini, R., et al. Circle scanning STED fluorescence correlation spectroscopy to quantify membrane dynamics and compartmentalization
2018 ACS nano Li, C., et al. Prospects for fluorescence nanoscopy
2018 Current Biology Drpic, D., et al. Chromosome segregation is biased by kinetochore size
2018 Methods in cell biology Walther, N., et al. Quantitative live and super-resolution microscopy of mitotic chromosomes
2018 ACS nano Gao, M., et al. Expansion stimulated emission depletion microscopy (ExSTED)
2018 Nucleic acids research Dumbović, G., et al. A novel long non-coding RNA from NBL2 pericentromeric macrosatellite forms a perinucleolar aggregate structure in colon cancer
2018 ChemPhysChem Hulleman, C. N., et al. Photon yield enhancement of red fluorophores at cryogenic temperatures
2018 Nature cell biology Stoldt, S., et al. Spatial orchestration of mitochondrial translation and OXPHOS complex assembly
2018 Nature immunology Brameshuber, M., et al. Monomeric TCRs drive T cell antigen recognition
2018 Journal of Cell Biology Walther, N., et al. A quantitative map of human Condensins provides new insights into mitotic chromosome architecture
2018 Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Katidou, M., et al. G-protein coupled receptors Mc4r and Drd1a can serve as surrogate odorant receptors in mouse olfactory sensory neurons
2018 Journal of virology Rujas, E., et al. Functional optimization of broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibody 10E8 by promotion of membrane interactions
2018 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Zhou, S., et al. Solution NMR structure of yeast Rcf1, a protein involved in respiratory supercomplex formation
2018 Nature communications Bucher, D., et al. Clathrin-adaptor ratio and membrane tension regulate the flat-to-curved transition of the clathrin coat during endocytosis
2018 The Journal of Physical Chemistry B Vandenberk, N., et al. Evaluation of Blue and Far-Red Dye Pairs in Single-Molecule Forster Resonance Energy Transfer Experiments
2018 Biophysical journal de Coninck, D., et al. Packing density of the amyloid precursor protein in the cell membrane
2018 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Vlijm, R., et al. STED nanoscopy of the centrosome linker reveals a CEP68-organized, periodic rootletin network anchored to a C-Nap1 ring at centrioles
2018 Bio-protocol Gaspar, I., et al. Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase mediated production of labeled probes for single-molecule FISH or RNA capture
2018 Chemical science Lukinavičius, G., et al. Fluorescent dyes and probes for super-resolution microscopy of microtubules and tracheoles in living cells and tissues
2018 Nature communications Lautenschläger, J., et al. C-terminal calcium binding of α-synuclein modulates synaptic vesicle interaction
2018 Science signaling Staaf, E., et al. Educated natural killer cells show dynamic movement of the activating receptor NKp46 and confinement of the inhibitory receptor Ly49A
2018 Nature communications Cervero, P., et al. Lymphocyte-specific protein 1 regulates mechanosensory oscillation of podosomes and actin isoform-based actomyosin symmetry breaking
2018 Scientific reports Jonas, K. C., et al. Temporal reprogramming of calcium signalling via crosstalk of gonadotrophin receptors that associate as functionally asymmetric heteromers
2018 Nature methods Vicidomini, G., et al. STED super-resolved microscopy
2018 Nature communications Neef, J., et al. Quantitative optical nanophysiology of Ca 2+ signaling at inner hair cell active zones
2018 Elife Jean, P., et al. The synaptic ribbon is critical for sound encoding at high rates and with temporal precision
2018 Developmental cell Bersuker, K., et al. A proximity labeling strategy provides insights into the composition and dynamics of lipid droplet proteomes
2018 In Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis (pp. 189-195). Humana Press Bottanelli, F., et al. Stimulated emission depletion (STED) imaging of clathrin-mediated endocytosis in living cells
2018 In Receptor-Receptor Interactions in the Central Nervous System (pp. 329-343). Humana Press Jonas, K. C., et al. Super-resolution imaging as a method to study GPCR dimers and higher-order oligomers
2018 Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan Irie, M., et al. Photoswitchable turn-on mode fluorescent diarylethenes: Strategies for controlling the switching response
2017 Science signaling Samuelsson, M., et al. RhoB Controls the Rab11-mediated Recycling and Surface Reappearance of LFA-1 in Migrating T Lymphocytes
2018 Kidney international Unnersjö-Jess, D., et al. Confocal super-resolution imaging of the glomerular filtration barrier enabled by tissue expansion
2017 Analytical chemistry Ochmann, S. E., et al. Optical nanoantenna for single molecule-based detection of zika virus nucleic acids without molecular multiplication
2017 Scientific reports Mitronova, G. Y., et al. High-affinity functional fluorescent ligands for human β-adrenoceptors
2017 Biophysical journal Sezgin, E., et al. Polarity-sensitive probes for superresolution stimulated emission depletion microscopy
2017 Nature Review Materials Pacchioni, G., et al. Super-resolution microscopy: Always look on the bright side of the fluorophore
2017 Nature communications Richardson, D. S., et al. SRpHi ratiometric pH biosensors for super-resolution microscopy
2017 Nature communications Chojnacki, J., et al. Envelope glycoprotein mobility on HIV-1 particles depends on the virus maturation state
2017 Neuron Reddy-Alla, S., et al. Stable positioning of Unc13 restricts synaptic vesicle fusion to defined release sites to promote synchronous neurotransmission
2017 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Heine, J., et al. Adaptive-illumination STED nanoscopy
2017 Scientific reports Oracz, J., et al. Photobleaching in STED nanoscopy and its dependence on the photon flux applied for reversible silencing of the fluorophore
2017 Alzheimer's research & therapy Schedin-Weiss, S., et al. Monoamine oxidase B is elevated in Alzheimer disease neurons, is associated with γ-secretase and regulates neuronal amyloid β-peptide levels
2017 Scientific reports Ungewiß, H., et al. Desmoglein 2 regulates the intestinal epithelial barrier via p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase
2017 EMBO reports Kohli, P., et al. The ciliary membrane‐associated proteome reveals actin‐binding proteins as key components of cilia
2017 Photonics Korobchevskaya, K., et al. Exploring the potential of airyscan microscopy for live cell imaging
2017 Beilstein journal of nanotechnology Tavernaro, I., et al. Bright fluorescent silica-nanoparticle probes for high-resolution STED and confocal microscopy
2017 Nature communications Natale, F., et al. Identification of the elementary structural units of the DNA damage response
2017 Frontiers in cellular neuroscience Picher, M. M., et al. Rab interacting molecules 2 and 3 directly interact with the pore-forming CaV1. 3 Ca2+ channel subunit and promote its membrane expression
2017 Scientific reports Sjöholm, J., et al. The lateral distance between a proton pump and ATP synthase determines the ATP-synthesis rate
2017 Elife Mücksch, F., et al. Synchronized HIV assembly by tunable PIP2 changes reveals PIP2 requirement for stable Gag anchoring
2017 Biomedical optics express Wang, S., et al. Development of bimolecular fluorescence complementation using rsEGFP2 for detection and super-resolution imaging of protein-protein interactions in live cells
2017 Journal of Experimental Medicine Iovino, F., et al. pIgR and PECAM-1 bind to pneumococcal adhesins RrgA and PspC mediating bacterial brain invasion
2017 Angewandte Chemie International Edition Peng, S., et al. Single‐Molecule Photoactivation FRET: A General and Easy‐To‐Implement Approach To Break the Concentration Barrier
2013 In Fluorescence Microscopy: From Principles to Biological Applications. John Wiley & Sons Gould, T. J., et al. STED microscopy
2017 Cell chemical biology Sakin, V., et al. A versatile tool for live-cell imaging and super-resolution nanoscopy studies of HIV-1 Env distribution and mobility
2017 Frontiers in cellular neuroscience Curry, N., et al. Correlative STED and atomic force microscopy on live astrocytes reveals plasticity of cytoskeletal structure and membrane physical properties during polarized migration
2017 Scientific reports Winter, F. R., et al. Multicolour nanoscopy of fixed and living cells with a single STED beam and hyperspectral detection
2017 Molecular biology of the cell Schneider, F., et al. Diffusion of lipids and GPI-anchored proteins in actin-free plasma membrane vesicles measured by STED-FCS
2017 Biochemistry Jazi, A. A., et al. Caging and photoactivation in single-molecule Forster resonance energy transfer experiments