The abberior Autofocus actively stabilizes the z-position of your sample and guarantees confocal and STED imaging over days without focus drift. Unlike other solutions, the abberior Autofocus works concomitantly with all STED beams and does not require interrupting your scan to search for the focus. It’s faster, more precise and indispensable for live-cell imaging!

a must-have for live-cell imaging

Background-free MATRIX STED image of actin in microvilli of Caco2 cells

MATRIX Detector

Many eyes see more than one. The MATRIX detector drastically improves signal-to-background ratio, resolution, and dynamic range.

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TIMEBOW lifetime imaging for stunning results at confocal and STED super-resolution.

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Neurons stained for spectrin and adducine

FLEXPOSURE Illumination

Brings down the light dose on your sample and lables dramatically. Key ingredient for volume and live-cell superresolution.

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xz section of a stage 17 Drosophila embryo, stained for chitin and DNA


Dynamic aberration correction with a deformable mirror over about 200 µm z-range. 140 digital actuators adjust the mirror surface within milliseconds.

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Axial STED image of actin in mouse inner ear hair cells


3D-STED and aberration control, the easy way

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Three-color STED image of microtubules, myosin and actin in the growth cone of a neuron's axon

RAINBOW Detection

Continuously variable spectral detection.

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STED Lasers

All-pulsed STED lasers for maximum resolution and minimal bleaching.

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Every beam in order, including pinhole and STED-shape

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Continuous focus-lock, even with STED

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Excitation Lasers

Pulsed excitation lasers for virtually every wavelength.

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Things to make your life easier

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Custom upright 3D STED microscope by abberior

Custom Solutions

We offer solutions for even the most challenging applications. Everything that can be done, we will do.

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Our Autofocus advantages:

  • Image over hours and days
  • Image with constant z plane in xy or even in xyz volume images
  • Image with confocal and STED mode without drift in z

FAQ Video 06

“What is required for a microscope for live cell imaging?”

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The abberior Autofocus device allows to actively stabilize the Z position of your sample. No focus drift during imaging any more!

Different imaging modes possible – XY plane and Z constant (A); XZ plane over time (B), XYZ stack with Z constant in each Z section (C).

  • Continuous focus lock for confocal and STED imaging
  • Works with all STED beams, no need to interrupt the scan
  • Works for all scan modes (xy, xz, xyz, …)

The abberior AUTOFOCUS – decisively stop focus drift during imaging

Dr. Andreas Schönle. Caption: Physicist, Co-Founder and passionate Photon Hunter

Why do we usually recommend APDs in our microscopes and why aren’t we worried about the supposedly lower dynamic range?

Having too many photons is never a problem. Therefore, detectors with the highest quantum efficiency are always the best choice, such as in a MATRIX array.

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