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Imagine an orchestra that gathers the world’s best musicians. Will it also play the best music? Well, that depends very much on the conductor. He too must be world-class to know exactly when and how to involve whom, so that all musicians are in harmony and deliver the best performance. The same goes for any high-end microscope: Superior and sophisticated hardware is of little help if you don’t have the software to operate it. That’s why we developed exceptionally powerful, robust, and at the same time user-friendly software that allows every researcher to effortlessly control the microscope at any level and unleash its full potential. Our software is tailor-made for each microscope platform to perfectly meet its purpose. Let’s dive in!

sublime perfor­mance on all levels

Our FACILITY, INFINITY, and MINFLUX microscopes are controlled by our tailor-made iMSPECTOR software. Depending on the microscope system, you can operate the versatile software directly, employ the user-friendly LiGHTBOX interface, or run scripts via the Python Remote Control. The STEDYCON comes with a browser-based user interface on its own.

Confocal & superresolution microscopes

Stefan Hell and the world's most powerful fluorescence microscope MINFLUX


The world’s most powerful fluorescence microscope MINFLUX, based on Stefan Hell’s invention, allows to resolve structures as small as a molecule in 3D.

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The INFINITY platform is the most customizable solution for superresolution microscopy and will be forever cutting edge


Whether it’s STED and confocal microscopy, intravital microscopy, material science or optical trapping, the INFINITY is forever up to the challenge.

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FACILITY is the workhorse platform for top-notch superresolution STED and confocal imaging


Our FACILITY platform offers you a workhorse instrument that boasts top-of-the-line superresolution STED and confocal imaging. It combines cutting-edge microscopy with unprecedented ease-of-use.

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STEDYCON upgrades existing widefield systems to confocal and superresolution STED microscopes


Just upgrade your existing widefield system to a confocal and STED microscope with a resolution down to 30nm. Enjoy fine imaging at the push of a button!

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