Even the best instruments can sometimes experience complications. Our service technicians are always at hand, everywhere, to minimize downtime and maximize your superresolution experience.

Support beyond barriers

For immediate assistance with superresolution and confocal microscopes

Call +49 551 9995 4020

or send an email to

@ Support

For immediate assistance with dyes and labels

Call +49 551 9995 4011

or send an email to

@ Support

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“Can most problems really be fixed via remote support?”

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“Are there service personal in my area, can I get support immediately?”  

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Our team

Our Support Department consists of microscopy experts, all with extensive experience in the field of superresolution. This includes PhDs with a scientific background of 10-20 years in the development of STED, RESOLFT and related microscopy methods, and technicians with years of experience in building and customizing superresolution microscope systems. They are actively involved in the continuous development of our products.

Our philosophy

Our focus is to cooperatively support our customers in carrying out their research and experiments efficiently and continuously. Every customer is of equally high importance to us and we pursue a “no downtime policy“. In the rare event of such an interruption, our customers can be sure that the system will be restored as fast as possible. To this end, our warehouses with replacement parts are continuously stocked. In case a component needs to be sent in for service, we supply every customer with an immediate replacement or offer a temporary exchange with a similar component, so the system’s availability is not compromised.

The fastest remote support

abberior offers immediate first-level support via remote assistance. For this, a member of our expert team connects to your system over the internet to check, calibrate, align, or maintain it remotely. Typically, 95% of all service cases are solved this way, because of the open platform concept of our systems, and because all critical components are motorized and can be aligned by software. This way, issues are fixed within minutes and experiments can be finished with hardly an interruption.

Service worldwide

To ensure fast support and short service times all around the world, we nurture a large network of certified partners and technicians trained by abberior. This enables on-site visits on short notice, wherever your microscope is. Additionally, our partners can be supported by our expert teams from Göttingen and Heidelberg, immediately via remote support, or on-site.

Warranty and service extensions

Beyond the general warranty of our systems, we offer a variety of different warranty extensions and service contracts for all our products. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have questions or want to have more detailed information about our service portfolio.