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Year Journal Author Title Microscope|Dye
2024 Journal of Neuroscience Bullmann, T., et al. Human iPSC-Derived Neurons with Reliable Synapses and Large Presynaptic Action Potentials
2024 eLife Zhao, Y., et al. SCC3 is an axial element essential for homologous chromosome pairing and synapsis
2024 MDPI López-Martínez, M., et al. Integrated miRNA–mRNA Analysis Reveals Critical miRNAs and Targets in Diet-Induced Obesity-Related Glomerulopathy
2024 Nature Microbiology Ni, Z., et al. Influenza virus uses mGluR2 as an endocytic receptor to enter cells
2024 Nature Methods Dasgupta, A., et al. Effects and avoidance of photoconversion-induced artifacts in confocal and STED microscopy
2024 Photonics Zhang, Z., et al. In Situ Structural Characterization of Cardiomyocyte Microenvironment by Multimodal STED Microscopy
2024 European Journal of Cell Biology Fink, A., et al. Membrane localization of actin filaments stabilizes giant unilamellar vesicles against external deforming forces
2024 Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics Paulsen, B., et al. Rescue in vitro maturation using ovarian support cells of human oocytes from conventional stimulation cycles yields oocytes with improved nuclear maturation and transcriptomic resemblance to in vivo matured oocytes
2024 Plos Pathogens Baptista, C. G., et al. The Toxoplasma gondii F-Box Protein L2 Functions as a Repressor of Stage Specific Gene Expression
2024 Acta Neuropathologica Communications Luo, X., et al. Axonal autophagic vesicle transport in the rat optic nerve in vivo under normal conditions and during acute axonal degeneration
2024 Developmental Cell Koppers, M., et al. Axonal endoplasmic reticulum tubules control local translation via P180/RRBP1-mediated ribosome interactions
2024 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta Szomek, M., et al. Ergosterol promotes aggregation of natamycin in the yeast plasma membrane
2024 Chemical & Biomedical Imaging Chen, H., et al. Advancements and Practical Considerations for Biophysical Research: Navigating the Challenges and Future of Super-resolution Microscopy
2024 Glia Baudouin, L., et al. Antagonistic actions of PAK1 and NF2/Merlin drive myelin membrane expansion in oligodendrocytes
2024 International Journal of Molecular Sciences (IJMS) Mussini, A., et al. Concanavalin A Delivers a Photoactive Protein to the Bacterial Wall
2024 Nature Ren, W., et al. Visualization of cristae and mtDNA interactions via STED nanoscopy using a low saturation power probe
2024 Nature Schwenzer, N., et al. CaV1.3 channel clusters characterized by live-cell and isolated plasma membrane nanoscopy
2024 Aging Cell Cavinato, M., et al. Elimination of damaged mitochondria during UVB-induced senescence is orchestrated by NIX-dependent mitophagy
2024 Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology Ayllon-Hermida, A., et al. Plasmodium vivax spleen-dependent protein 1 and its role in extracellular vesicles-mediated intrasplenic infections
2024 Histochemistry and Cell Biology Correll, C. C., et al. Crossing boundaries of light microscopy resolution discerns novel assemblies in the nucleolus
2024 Cellular & Molecular Biology Letters Dupuis, S., et al. The lack of Tex44 causes severe subfertility with flagellar abnormalities in male mice
2024 Nature Communications Parlakgül, G., et al. Spatial mapping of hepatic ER and mitochondria architecture reveals zonated remodeling in fasting and obesity
2024 Cell Communication and Signaling Groza, Y., et al. Small protein blockers of human IL-6 receptor alpha inhibit proliferation and migration of cancer cells
2024 Brain Thumbadoo, K.M., et al. Hippocampal aggregation signatures of pathogenic UBQLN2 in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia
2024 PNAS Chen, J., et al. An aldehyde-crosslinking mitochondrial probe for STED imaging in fixed cells
2024 Cell Death & Disease Jackson, J., et al. Actin-nucleation promoting factor N-WASP influences alpha-synuclein condensates and pathology
2024 International Journal of Molecular Sciences Voges, L., et al. Expression and Localization Profiles of Tight Junction Proteins in Immune Cells Depend on Their Activation Status
2024 iScience Bidell, D., et al. Photoreceptors for immediate effects of light on circadian behavior
2024 Journal of Investigative Dermatology Steinert, L., et al. Desmosomal Hyper-adhesion Affects Direct Inhibition of Desmoglein Interactions in Pemphigus
2024 Molecular Therapy Nucleic Acids Menon, A.P., et al. CD3 aptamers promote expansion and persistence of tumor-reactive T cells for adoptive T cell therapy in cancer
2024 Molecular Psychiatry Delling, J.P., et al. Combined expansion and STED microscopy reveals altered fingerprints of postsynaptic nanostructure across brain regions in ASD-related SHANK3-deficiency
2024 The EMBO Journal Colom, M., et al. A checkpoint function for Nup98 in nuclear pore formation suggested by novel inhibitory nanobodies
2024 British Journal of Pharmacology Liepinsh, E., et al. Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase activity is essential for mitochondrial β-oxidation of fatty acids to prevent lethal accumulation of long-chain acylcarnitines in the mouse liver
2024 Journal of Investigative Dermatology Egu, D.T., et al. EGFR Inhibition by Erlotinib Rescues Desmosome Ultrastructure and Keratin Anchorage and Protects Against Pemphigus Vulgaris IgG-Induced Acantholysis in Human Epidermis.
2024 Journal of Investigative Dermatology Egu, D. T., et al. EGFR Inhibition by Erlotinib Rescues Desmosome Ultrastructure and Keratin Anchorage and Protects Against Pemphigus Vulgaris IgG-Induced Acantholysis in Human Epidermis.
2024 Advanced Science Chen, H., et al. The ARPKD Protein DZIP1L Regulates Ciliary Protein Entry by Modulating the Architecture and Function of Ciliary Transition Fibers
2024 Scientific Reports Kim, H.J., et al. Uncovering the impact of UV radiation on mitochondria in dermal cells: a STED nanoscopy study
2024 Cell David, L., et al. NINJ1 mediates plasma membrane rupture by cutting and releasing membrane disks
2024 Nature Kuklewicz, J., et al. Molecular insights into capsular polysaccharide secretion
2024 Biochemical Pharmacology Redeker, K.-E.M., et al. Targeted mutagenesis of negatively charged amino acids outlining the substrate translocation path within the human organic cation transporter 3
2024 Cells Halász, H., et al. Cooperation of Various Cytoskeletal Components Orchestrates Intercellular Spread of Mitochondria between B-Lymphoma Cells through Tunnelling Nanotubes
2024 Cells Haddad, G., et al. Identification of Four Mouse FcRn Splice Variants and FcRn-Specific Vesicles
2024 Cell Unterauer, E.M., et al. Spatial proteomics in neurons at single-protein resolution
2024 Food Hydrocolloids Xia, W., et al. Acid-induced gels from mixtures of micellar casein and pea protein: Effect of protein ratio and preheating route
2024 Molecular Cell Desroches Altamirano, C., et al. eIF4F is a thermo-sensing regulatory node in the translational heat shock response
2024 Journal of Cell Science Konietzny, A., et al. Efficient axonal transport of endolysosomes relies on the balanced ratio of microtubule tyrosination and detyrosination
2024 The EMBO Journal Kaurani, L., et al. Regulation of Zbp1 by miR-99b-5p in microglia controls the development of schizophrenia-like symptoms in mice
2024 Sensors Wüstner, D., et al. Dynamic Mode Decomposition of Multiphoton and Stimulated Emission Depletion Microscopy Data for Analysis of Fluorescent Probes in Cellular Membranes
2024 Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical Salto, R., et al. Genetically encoded red fluorescent pH ratiometric sensor: Application to measuring pH gradient abnormalities in cystic fibrosis cells
2024 Mitochondrial Communications Lee, C.H., et al. Photobleaching and phototoxicity of mitochondria in live cell fluorescent super-resolution microscopy
2024 ACS Materials Letters Ivanova, J.R., et al. Designed Ankyrin Repeat Proteins as Actin Labels of Distinct Cytoskeletal Structures in Living Cells
2024 Muscles Paulus, T., et al. An Intronic Heterozygous SYNE2 Splice Site Mutation: A Rare Cause for Myalgia and hyperCKemia?
2024 Nature Communications Göpfrich, K., et al. Triggered contraction of self-assembled micron-scale DNA nanotube rings
2024 The FASEB Journal Na, J., et al. Mechanical memory based on chromatin and metabolism remodeling promotes proliferation and smooth muscle differentiation in mesenchymal stem cells
2024 PLOS Biology Okenve-Ramos, P., et al. Neuronal ageing is promoted by the decay of the microtubule cytoskeleton
2024 Biomimetics Min, K.H., et al. Size Control of Biomimetic Curved-Edge Vaterite with Chiral Toroid Morphology via Sonochemical Synthesis
2024 Cellular Signalling Chen, X., et al. microRNA-125b-1-3p mediates autophagy via the RRAGD/mTOR/ULK1 signaling pathway and mitigates atherosclerosis progression
2024 International Journal of Molecular Sciences Kulkovienė, G., et al. Differential Mitochondrial, Oxidative Stress and Inflammatory Responses to SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Receptor Binding Domain in Human Lung Microvascular, Coronary Artery Endothelial and Bronchial Epithelial Cells
2024 International Journal of Molecular Sciences Pochechueva, T.V., et al. 3D Super-Resolution Nuclear Q-FISH Imaging Reveals Cell-Cycle-Related Telomere Changes
2024 Advanced NanoBiomed Research Volpati, D., et al. Monitoring the Intracellular Fate of Molecular Beacons: The Challenge of False Positive Signals
2024 Materials Today Bio Kaiser, K., et al. From static to dynamic: The influence of mechanotransduction on skin equivalents analyzed by bioimaging and RNAseq
2024 Bioactive Materials Na, J., et al. Extracellular matrix stiffness as an energy metabolism regulator drives osteogenic differentiation in mesenchymal stem cells
2024 Cell Reports Klinger, C.M., et al. Evolutionary analysis identifies a Golg ipathway and correlates lineage-specific factors with endomembrane organelle emergence in apicomplexans
2024 Journal of Microscopy Lopez, S.G., et al. On the pixel selection criterion for the calculation of the Pearson’s correlation coefficient in fluorescence microscopy
2024 BioMed Research International Dudkina, E., et al. Two Main Cancer Biomarkers as Molecular Targets of Binase Antitumor Activity
2024 Nature Communications Tan, T., et al. Dynamic nucleolar phase separation influenced by non-canonical function of LIN28A instructs pluripotent stem cell fate decisions
2024 Science Advances Xiao, L., et al. AMPK phosphorylation of FNIP1 (S220) controls mitochondrial function and muscle fuel utilization during exercise
2024 PLOS Pathogens Bender, D., et al. Guanylate-binding protein 1 acts as a pro-viral factor for the life cycle of hepatitis C virus
2024 BMC Bioinformatics McCall, A.D., et al. Colocalization by cross-correlation, a new method of colocalization suited for super-resolution microscopy
2024 Nature Schömig, T., et al. The podocytes’ inflammatory responses in experimental GN are independent of canonical MYD88-dependent toll-like receptor signaling
2024 Cell Reports Wang, T., et al. Dual roles of CCDC102A in governing centrosome duplication and cohesion
2023 J Neuroinflammation Pfaller, A.M., et al. The glucocorticoid receptor as a master regulator of the Müller cell response to diabetic conditions in mice
2024 Scientific Reports Schmidt, S.C., et al. Microscopic clusters feature the composition of biochemical tetraspanin-assemblies and constitute building-blocks of tetraspanin enriched domains
2024 Journal of Biomedical Science Žugec, M., et al. Plectin plays a role in the migration and volume regulation of astrocytes: a potential biomarker of glioblastoma
2024 Life Science Alliance Stephan, T., et al. Drosophila MIC10b can polymerize into cristae-shaping filaments
2024 Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences Mandal, T., et al. Mechano-regulation by clathrin pit-formation and passive cholesterol-dependent tubules during de-adhesion
2024 Acta Neuropathologica van der Gaag, B.L., et al. Distinct tau and alpha-synuclein molecular signatures in Alzheimer’s disease with and without Lewy bodies and Parkinson’s disease with dementia
2024 Nature Communications Lacouture, C., et al. LFA-1 nanoclusters integrate TCR stimulation strength to tune T-cell cytotoxic activity
2024 Journal of Biological Chemistry Chanez-Paredes, S.D., et al. Mechanisms underlying distinct subcellular localization and regulation of epithelial long myosin light-chain kinase splice variants
2024 Cell Reports Miyazaki, Y., et al. Oligodendrocyte-derivedLGI3anditsreceptor ADAM23organizejuxtaparanodalKv1channel clusteringforshort-termsynapticplasticity
2024 Cell Reports Lin, Z., et al. The male pachynema-specific protein MAPS drives phase separation in vitro and regulates sex body formation and chromatin behaviors in vivo
2024 International Journal of Molecular Sciences Schwarz, B., et al. Chromatin Organization after High-LET Irradiation Revealed by Super-Resolution STED Microscopy
2024 Nature Communications Ye, Z., et al. Structural heterogeneity of the ion and lipid channel TMEM16F
2024 Light: Science & Applications Córdova-Castro, R.M., et al. Single-emitter super-resolved imaging of radiative decay rate enhancement in dielectric gap nanoantennas
2023 Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology Izumi, R., et al. Nuclear pore pathology underlying multisystem proteinopathy type 3-related inclusion body myopathy
2023 The Journal of Physical Chemistry B Sandberg, E., et al. Fluorescence Bar-Coding and Flowmetry Based on Dark State Transitions in Fluorescence Emitters
2023 Cell Libé-Philippot, B., et al. LRRC37B is a human modifier of voltage-gated sodium channels and axon excitability in cortical neurons
2023 Journal of Experimenta Medicine Lund, H., et al. CD163+ macrophages monitor enhanced permeability at the blood–dorsal root ganglion barrier
2023 BMC Nephorology Butt, L., et al. In vivo characterization of a podocyte-expressed short podocin isoform
2023 Macromolecular Bioscience Kowalczuk, K., et al. Self-Degrading Multifunctional PEG-Based Hydrogels—Tailormade Substrates for Cell Culture
2023 STAR Protocols Kruzich, E., et al. A pipeline for STED super-resolution imaging and Imaris analysis of nanoscale synapse organization in mouse cortical brain slices
2023 Nature Berkane, R., et al. The function of ER-phagy receptors is regulated through phosphorylation-dependent ubiquitination pathways
2023 Microbiology Spectrum Lucidi, M., et al. Expanding the microbiologist toolbox via new far-red-emitting dyes suitable for bacterial imaging
2023 Nature Communications Zhang, W., et al. Immunoproximity biotinylation reveals the axon initial segment proteome
2023 Food Hydrocolloids Brüls, M., et al. Investigating the impact of exopolysaccharides on yogurt network mechanics and syneresis through quantitative microstructural analysis
2023 Journal of Microscopy Koerfer, A., et al. Influence of different surface cleaning methods on STED-FCS and scanning STED-FCS calibration measurements
2023 Advanced Science Zhang, C., et al. mTORC1 Mediates Biphasic Mechano-Response to Orchestrate Adhesion-Dependent Cell Growth and Anoikis Resistance
2023 Molecular Microbiology Carsten, A., et al. Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy for investigating bacterial cell biology
2023 Journal of Biological Chemistry Pearce, A., et al. Missense mutations in the central domains of cardiac Myosin binding protein-C and their potential contribution to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
2023 Journal of Biological Chemistry Peckham, M., et al. Effects of specific disease mutations in non-muscle myosin 2A on its structure and function
2023 Nature Communications Lin, S.-J., et al. Endosomal Arl4A attenuates EGFR degradation by binding to the ESCRT-II component VPS36
2023 Nucleic Acids Research Breindl, M., et al. Biochemical and cellular insights into the Baz2B protein, a non-catalytic subunit of the chromatin remodeling complex
2023 Journal of Medical Chemistry Mitronova, G.Y., et al. 1,4-Benzothiazepines with Cyclopropanol Groups and Their Structural Analogues Exhibit Both RyR2-Stabilizing and SERCA2a-Stimulating Activities
2023 bioRxiv Gürth, C.-M., et al. Neuronal activity modulates the incorporation of newly translated PSD-95 into a robust structure as revealed by STED and MINFLUX
2023 Research Square Beier, K., et al. Cationic peptides erase memories by removing synaptic AMPA receptors through endophilin-mediated endocytosis
2023 Physiological Reports Waddingham, M.T., et al. Geranylgeranylacetone reduces cardiomyocyte stiffness and attenuates diastolic dysfunction in a rat model of cardiometabolic syndrome
2023 Science Advances Moors, T.E., et al. Increased palmitoylation improves estrogen receptor alpha–dependent hippocampal synaptic deficits in a mouse model of synucleinopathy
2023 Food Hydrocolloids Bäther, S., et al. Phase behaviour and structure formation of alginate-gelatin composite gels
2023 International Journal of Molecular Sciences Ki, M.-R., et al. Self-Entrapment of Antimicrobial Peptides in Silica Nanoparticles for Stable and Effective Antimicrobial Peptide Delivery System
2023 bioRxiv Motta, M.R., et al. The cell cycle controls spindle architecture in Arabidopsis by modulating the augmin pathway
2023 The Journal of Clinical Investigation Kellermayer, D., et al. Truncated titin is structurally integrated into the human dilated cardiomyopathic sarcomere
2023 BMC Biology Woelfle, S., et al. Expression profiles of the autism-related SHANK proteins in the human brain
2023 ACS Omega Annušová, A., et al. Selective Tumor Hypoxia Targeting Using M75 Antibody Conjugated Photothermally Active MoOx Nanoparticles
2023 bioRxiv Cabriel, C., et al. 3D single-molecule super-resolution imaging of microfabricated fractal substrates for cell culture and self-referenced imaging
2023 bioRxiv Berwanger, C., et al. Immortalised murine R349P desmin knock-in myotubes exhibit a reduced proton leak and decreased ADP/ATP translocase levels in purified mitochondria
2023 Frontiers of Optoelectronics Duan, X., et al. Organic fluorescent probes for live-cell super-resolution imaging
2023 Journal of Lipid Research Kovacs, M., et al. Ola1p trafficking indicates an interaction network between mitochondria, Lipid droplets and stress granules in times of stress
2023 International Journal of Molecular Sciences Svietlova, N., et al. The Beneficial Fungus Mortierella hyalina Modulates Amino Acid Homeostasis in Arabidopsis under Nitrogen Starvation
2023 Toxins Schneemann, M., et al. A Colonic Organoid Model Challenged with the Large Toxins of Clostridioides difficile TcdA and TcdB Exhibit Deregulated Tight Junction Proteins
2023 Nature Tamborrinni, D., et al. Structure of the native myosin filament in the relaxed cardiac sarcomere
2023 Cell Reports Olah, S.S., et al. Acute reorganization of postsynaptic GABA A receptors reveals the functional impact of molecular nanoarchitecture at inhibitory synapse
2023 ChemRxiv Knorr, G., et al. Synthesis of thioxanthone 10,10-dioxides and sulfone-fluoresceins via Pd-catalyzed sulfonylative homocoupling
2023 Journal of Cell Science Wagner, M., et al. The SUN-like protein TgSLP1 is essential for nuclear division in the apicomplexan parasite Toxoplasma gondii
2023 bioRxiv Baudouin, L., et al. PAK1 and NF2/Merlin jointly drive myelination by remodeling actin cytoskeleton in oligodendrocytes
2023 mBio Arone, C., et al. HTLV-1 biofilm polarization maintained by tetraspanin CD82 is required for efficient viral transmission
2023 bioRxiv Stockhammer, A., et al. Multi-functional ARF1 compartments serve as a hub for short-range cargo transfer to endosomes
2023 bioRxiv Wong-Dilworth, L., et al. Nanoscale imaging reveals the mechanisms of ER-to-Golgi transport via a dynamic tubular-vesicular network
2023 Nature Communications Shen, Z., et al. Multivalent Tau/PSD-95 interactions arrest in vitro condensates and clusters mimicking the postsynaptic density
2023 Progress in Neurobiology Knobloch, J.A., et al. STED microscopy reveals dendrite-specificity of spines in turtle cortex
2023 BMC Biology Clos‑Sansalvador, M., et al. Agarose spot migration assay to measure the chemoattractant potential of extracellular vesicles: applications in regenerative medicine and cancer metastasis
2023 Autophagy Binotti, B., et al. ATG9 resides on a unique population of small vesicles in presynaptic nerve terminals
2023 Science Advances Barone, I., et al. Synaptic BMAL1 phosphorylation controls circadian hippocampal plasticity
2023 bioRxiv Pancheng, Xie, et al. Mammalian circadian clock proteins form dynamic interacting microbodies distinct from phase separation
2023 Nature Communications Hoffmann, C., et al. Synapsin condensation controls synaptic vesicle sequestering and dynamics
2023 bioRxiv Konietzny, A., et al. Efficient axonal trafficking of endolysosomes depends on the balanced ratio of microtubule tyrosination and detyrosination
2023 bioRxiv Vukušić, K., et al. CENP-E initiates chromosome congression by opposing Aurora kinases to promote end-on microtubule attachments close to centrosomes
2023 bioRxiv Maib, H., et al. Recombinant biosensors for multiplex and super-resolution imaging of phosphoinositides
2023 bioRxiv Matúš, D., et al. The Essential Role of Latrophilin-1 Adhesion GPCR Nanoclusters in Inhibitory Synapses
2023 Research Square Xi, P., et al. Visualization of cristae and mtDNA dynamics and interactions with super-resolution microscopy
2023 Nature Communications Raya-Sandino, A., et al. Claudin-23 reshapes epithelial tight junction architecture to regulate barrier function
2023 Research Square Honigmann, A., et al. Assembly of tight junction belts by surface condensation and actin elongation
2023 Acta Neuropathologica Communications Mészáros, Á., et al. Inflammasome activation in peritumoral astrocytes is a key player in breast cancer brain metastasis development
2023 PLOS genetics Roca-Umbert, A., et al. Human genetic adaptation related to cellular zinc homeostasis
2023 Biophysical Journal Socrier, L. , et al. Fluorophore position of headgroup-labeled Gb3 glycosphingolipids in lipid bilayers
2023 Advanced Photonics Sun, Y., et al. Fluorescence interference structured illumination microscopy for 3D morphology imaging with high axial resolution
2023 Journal of Cell Biology Sullenberger, C., et al. Centrosomal organization of Cep152 provides flexibility in Plk4 and procentriole positioning
2023 bioRxiv Colom, M.S., et al. Nucleoporin-binding nanobodies that either track or inhibit nuclear pore complex assembly
2023 eNeuro Idziak, A., et al. The Impact of Chemical Fixation on the Microanatomy of Mouse Organotypic Hippocampal Slices
2023 Research Square Marques, A., et al. Meiotic recombination dynamics in plants with repeat-based holocentromeres shed light on the primary drivers of crossover patterning
2023 bioRxiv Han, Y., et al. Unveiling the cell biology of hippocampal neurons with dendritic axon origin
2023 PLOS one Trumpp, M., et al. Characterization of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progessiva relevant Acvr1/Acvr2 Activin receptors in medaka (Oryzias latipes)
2023 bioRxiv Frantzmann, F., et al. Neuronal correlates of time integration into memories
2023 Nature Communications Zeeshan, M., et al. Plasmodium ARK2 and EB1 drive unconventional spindle dynamics, during chromosome segregation in sexual transmission stages
2023 bioRxiv Palikyras, S., et al. Rapid and synchronous chemical induction of replicative-like senescence via a small molecule inhibitor
2023 ChemPhotoChem Jha, K.K., et al. A BODIPY-Based Molecular Rotor in Giant Unilamellar Vesicles: A Case Study by Polarization-Resolved Time-Resolved Emission and Transient Absorption Spectroscopy
2023 bioRxiv Koestler, S.A., et al. Transcriptionally active chromatin loops contain both ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ histone modifications that exhibit exclusivity at the level of nucleosome clusters
2023 Journal of Biological Chemistry Klein, M. , et al. Internally tagged Vps10p-domain receptors reveal uptake of the neurotrophin BDNF
2023 Cancer Discovery Bercier, P., et al. Structural basis of PML/RARA oncoprotein targeting by arsenic unravels a cysteine rheostat controlling PML body assembly and function
2023 Nature Biotechnology Michalska, J.M., et al. Imaging brain tissue architecture across millimeter to nanometer scales
2023 ACS Nano Richards, C.J., et al. Rapid Internalization of Nanoparticles by Human Cells at the Single Particle Level
2023 The Journal of Clinical Investigation Kalashyan, M., et al. Patient-derived Enteroids provide a Platform for the Development of Therapeutic Approaches in Microvillus Inclusion Disease
2023 Light Science and Applications Ning, K., et al. Deep self-learning enables fast, high-fidelity isotropic resolution restoration for volumetric fluorescence microscopy
2023 bioRxiv Bucci, A., et al. 4D Single-Particle Tracking with Asynchronous Read-Out SPAD-Array Detector
2023 International Journal of Pharmaceutics Carmona, P., et al. Controlling the structure of spin-coated multilayer ethylcellulose/hydroxypropylcellulose films for drug release
2023 Cell Death & Disease Kunke, M., et al. Targeted deletion of von-Hippel-Lindau in the proximal tubule conditions the kidney against early diabetic kidney disease
2023 bioRxiv Ugorets, V., et al. Reorganization of Septin structures regulates early myogenesis
2023 Nature Communications Jiang, C., et al. Switch of cell migration modes orchestrated by changes of three-dimensional lamellipodium structure and intracellular diffusion
2023 bioRxiv Rentsch, J., et al. Sub-membrane actin rings compartmentalize the plasma membrane
2023 Advanced Functional Materials Voigt, J.L., et al. Substrate Stiffness and Particle Properties Influence Cellular Uptake of Nanoparticles and Viruses from the Ventral Side
2023 bioRxiv Schweighofer, S.V., et al. Endogenous BAX and BAK form mosaic rings of variable size and composition on apoptotic mitochondria
2023 Scientific Reports Golczak, A., et al. Tetramethylalloxazines as efficient singlet oxygen photosensitizers and potential redox-sensitive agents
2023 Nature Mullhall, E.M., et al. Direct observation of the conformational states of PIEZO1
2023 bioRxiv Rajan, S.S., et al. EWSR1 nuclear organization 1 EWSR1’s visual modalities are defined by its association with nucleic acids and RNA polymerase II
2023 Cell Reports Methods Han, Y., et al. Three-dimensional multi-color optical nanoscopy at sub-10-nm resolution based on small-molecule organic probes
2023 bioRxiv Znaidi, R., et al. Nuclear translocation of LINE-1 encoded ORF1p alters nuclear envelope integrity and disrupts nucleocytoplasmic transport in neurons
2023 Journal of Biological Chemistry Pellegrini, H., et al. Cleavage fragments of the C-terminal tail of polycystin-1 are regulated by oxidative stress and induce mitochondrial dysfunction
2023 Research Square Giannattasio, T., et al. The Proper Interplay Between the Expression of Spo11 Splice Isoforms and the Structure of the Pseudoautosomal Region Promotes Xy Chromosomes Recombination
2023 Research Square Turner, K.A., et al. Abnormal Centriolar Biomarker Ratios Correlate with Unexplained Bull Artificial Insemination Subfertility – a Pilot Study
2023 JACS Au Salim, A., et al. Chemical Probe for Imaging of Polo-like Kinase 4 and Centrioles
2023 Cell & Bioscience Johansson, B., et al. The interwoven fibril-like structure of amyloid-beta plaques in mouse brain tissue visualized using super-resolution STED microscopy
2023 bioRxiv Tortarolo, G., et al. A Compact and Effective Photon-Resolved Image Scanning Microscope
2023 bioRxiv Clowsley, A.H., et al. Analysis of RyR2 distribution in HEK293 cells and mouse cardiac myocytes using 3D MINFLUX microscopy
2023 eLife Vitet, H., et al. loHuntingtin recruits KIF1A to transport synaptic vesicle precursors along the mouse axon to support synaptic transmission and motor skill learning
2023 bioRxiv Sahl, S.J., et al. Direct optical measurement of intra-molecular distances down to the Ångström scale
2023 Journal of Molecular Liquids Toth, K., et al. Different implantable electrospun meshes for simultaneous application of prednisone and doxorubicin
2023 Neuroscience Ng, E.L., et al. Using Live Cell STED Imaging to Visualize Mitochondrial Inner Membrane Ultrastructure in Neuronal Cell Models
2023 Nanoscale Horizons Lee, J.H., et al. Super-resolution imaging of linearized chromatin in tunable nanochannels
2023 Journal of Cell Biology Rouaud, F., et al. Cingulin and paracingulin tether myosins-2 to junctions to mechanoregulate the plasma membrane
2023 eLife Sadhu, L., et al. ARPC5 isoforms and their regulation by calcium-calmodulin-N-WASP drive distinct Arp2/3-dependent actin remodeling events in CD4 T cells
2023 Angewandte Chemie International Edition Thielhorn, R., et al. Controlled grafting expansion microscopy
2023 Analytical Chemistry Singh, V., et al. Determining the Functional Oligomeric State of Membrane-Associated Protein Oligomers Forming Membrane Pores on Giant Lipid Vesicles
2023 Nature Cell Biology Ji, Y., et al. SEL1L–HRD1 endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation controls STING-mediated innate immunity by limiting the size of the activable STING pool
2023 Virology Journal Ryabchenko, B., et al. The interactions between PML nuclear bodies and small and medium size DNA viruses
2023 The Immune Synapse: Methods and Protocols Hellmeier, J., et al. A DNA Origami-Based Biointerface to Interrogate the Spatial Requirements for Sensitized T-Cell Antigen Recognition
2023 The Immune Synapse: Methods and Protocols Mørch, A. M., et al. Investigating diffusion dynamics and interactions with scanning fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (sFCS)
2023 bioRxiv Castellani, M., et al. Meiotic recombination dynamics in plants with repeat-based holocentromeres shed light on the primary drivers of crossover patterning
2023 Cells Winter, L., et al. Z-Disk-Associated Plectin (Isoform 1d): Spatial Arrangement, Interaction Partners, and Role in Filamin C Homeostasis
2023 Biomaterials Advances Rocha, D. N., et al. It takes two to remyelinate: A bioengineered platform to study astrocyte-oligodendrocyte crosstalk and potential therapeutic targets in remyelination
2023 bioRxiv Bidell, D., et al. Immediate effects of light on circadian eclosion and locomotor activity depend on distinct sensory input pathways
2023 PLoS biology Hakes, A. C., et al. Plasticity of Drosophila germ granules during germ cell development