The INFINITY platform is the most customizable platform for all things microscopy. Whether it’s STED and confocal microscopy, intravital microscopy, material science or optical trapping, the INFINITY is always up to the challenge. Just tell us what you need and we will build you a customized, continuously upgradable system specialized for your research.

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“How can our microscopes be customizable and always upgradeable?”

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The INFINITY is a highly flexible open platform that can be extended and upgraded, even years after purchase. It can be combined with all MODULES and any custom developments to form a truly unique microscope that suits all your imaging needs. Get in touch with us and we will design and manufacture a tailor-made instrument that leaves nothing to be desired.

To protect your investment, we guarantee that your INFINITY grows with your science. And it grows with us. Your system could be a totally different machine a few years from now, because we at abberior make sure that everything we develop in the past, present or future can be retrofitted into your microscope. This way, you always stay at the forefront of science.

Stay one step ahead with unmatched flexibility

Your INFINITY microscope is assembled with standard optical and optomechanical components that are freely placed on a breadboard. This gives us 100% flexibility as we realize everything you need for your imaging experiments. This unmatched modularity guarantees that we have a tailor-made, unique solution for you that we can continuously upgrade – to infinity.

The standard microscope body for the INFINITY is the Olympus IX83, but we wouldn’t be abberior if we didn’t offer virtually any stand with the INFINITY. Upright and inverted and even both on the same microscope.

The same modularity also guarantees that we at abberior can introduce new developments at lightning speed – for example our new MATRIX detector. While others are still figuring out how to modify their static, inflexible systems, our world-class engineers have already implemented the innovation.

Our iMSPECTOR software is every bit as flexible. Because tailor-made hardware is nothing without tailor-made software, we have developed an application that allows low-level control of any custom hardware under the INFINITY hood. At the same time, it presents all high-level functions required for imaging to the user: 1D to 4D-recording in confocal and STED-mode combined with advanced postprocessing.

Our easyCommander (right) simplifies your workflow and helps you get things done intuitively, because at a push of a button, it automatically applies individual dye- and sample-based settings to make the best out of your sample, while it gives you full flexibility for optimization. And for even easier imaging: rest assured, our highly user-friendly LiGHTBOX software also runs on the INFINITY (but only on the FACILITY hardware subset)

iMSPECTOR for INFINITY software easy commander

  • Multicolor laser scanning confocal and STED microscope
  • High-end performance
  • Accessible optomechanical design, open electronics and software platform, ready to implement your own imaging ideas
  • Zero-compromize on performance – get outstanding resolution performance in STED microscopy
  • We offer unrivaled flexibility in customizing the microscope to your applications

Other microscopes get outdated, we go to INFINITY

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FAQ Dyes & Labels

Everything you always wanted to know about dyes and labeling

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Background-free MATRIX STED image of actin in microvilli of Caco2 cells

MATRIX Detector

Many eyes see more than one. The MATRIX detector drastically improves signal-to-background ratio, resolution, and dynamic range.

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Custom upright 3D STED microscope by abberior

Custom Solutions

We offer solutions for even the most challenging applications. Everything that can be done, we will do.

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