abberior CAGE dyes

abberior CAGE dyes are a family of dyes which is ideal for PALM, STORM and GSD microscopy. They can be uncaged with UV light, after which they turn into powerful organic probes with exceptional brightness and unmatched localization precisions.

irresistable for single molecule localization

abberior CAGE dyes

resolution un-caged

abberior CAGE dyes are a family of dyes that are non-fluorescent initially after labeling. Upon illumination with UV light, the dyes are uncaged irreversibly into their bright and photostable fluorescent species. This mechanism combines exceptional switching contrast with a brightness unmatched by blinking dyes. abberior CAGE dyes are greatly suited for PALM, STORM and GSD microscopy and can also be applied for STED and confocal microscopy.

  • Exceptional brightness and resolution

Single molecule localization at its best