abberior STAR dyes

Our abberior STAR dyes deliver the best performance in fluorescence light microscopy. They feature exceptional photostability and brightness. There is simply no reason for not using our STAR dyes for your STED or confocal imaging application.

best for STED and confocal

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“Do you really need special dyes for STED superresolution microscopy?“

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abberior STAR

abberior STAR dyes enable background-free labeling in cells or tissue, to get the most out of your sample. They excel with high brightness and photostability, while conjugates of the dyes show an excellent solubility in aqueous buffers as PBS.

abberior STAR L

abberior STAR L dyes are abberior’s long Stokes-shift dye series. The common characteristic of the dyes is an exceptional long Stokes-shift between the excitation and emission maximum. Our abberior STAR L dyes are designed to provide bright fluorescence for multiplexed imaging. Conjugates of the dyes show a very good solubility in aqueous buffers as PBS to allow labeling of the structures of interest with a good signal-to-noise-ratio.

  • Highest signal and photostability
  • For unrivaled STED and confocal imaging

The best choice for STED and confocal