Full Autoalignment

The abberior Full Autoalignment exemplifies decades of microscopy experience and represents the first complete, fully automated alignment procedure for all beam paths, including pinhole detection and STED beam shaping. It maintains the optimum shape and position of your laser foci, ensures a perfect intensity zero in the center of the STED doughnut, and it gives reassuring feedback about alignment results. A push of the autoalignment button is almost like a personal service visit. 

always ready, fully motorized

Background-free MATRIX STED image of actin in microvilli of Caco2 cells

MATRIX Detector

Many eyes see more than one. The MATRIX detector drastically improves signal-to-background ratio, resolution, and dynamic range.

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TIMEBOW lifetime imaging for stunning results at confocal and STED super-resolution.

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Neurons stained for spectrin and adducine

FLEXPOSURE Illumination

Brings down the light dose on your sample and lables dramatically. Key ingredient for volume and live-cell superresolution.

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xz section of a stage 17 Drosophila embryo, stained for chitin and DNA


Dynamic aberration correction with a deformable mirror over about 200 µm z-range. 140 digital actuators adjust the mirror surface within milliseconds.

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Axial STED image of actin in mouse inner ear hair cells


3D-STED and aberration control, the easy way

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Three-color STED image of microtubules, myosin and actin in the growth cone of a neuron's axon

RAINBOW Detection

Continuously variable spectral detection.

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STED Lasers

All-pulsed STED lasers for maximum resolution and minimal bleaching.

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Every beam in order, including pinhole and STED-shape

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Continuous focus-lock, even with STED

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Excitation Lasers

Pulsed excitation lasers for virtually every wavelength.

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Things to make your life easier

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Custom upright 3D STED microscope by abberior

Custom Solutions

We offer solutions for even the most challenging applications. Everything that can be done, we will do.

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FAQ Video 13

“How can it be that abberior microscopes are always 100% aligned?”

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Perfectly aligned

and ready to run, always

abberior’s Full Autoalignment routine harnesses multiple motorized mirrors and fully programmable Adaptive Optics elements (spatial light modulators, SLM). abberior‘s fluorescent adjustment sample assures standardized alignment as good as it gets. Based on two decades of experience in STED microscopy, abberior developed the first fully automated alignment procedure in the sample for all beams, STED beam shaping, and the pinhole.

Expect perfect shape and position of all beams as well as reassuring feedback about alignment results!





Just hit Autoalign and the process starts right away!

At the beginning the system checks if the adjustment sample is sufficient …

… then your microscope automatically records multiple images in confocal, 2D-, and 3D-STED mode …

… now our intelligent autoalignment algorithm – based on 20 years of STED experience – processes the data …





… automatically aligns the position of all excitation and STED beams …

… checks and aligns the position of the pinhole …

… and finally optimizes the shape of the STED donut

After 90 s you are ready to run a microscope in perfect shape!

  • Fully automated alignment procedure in the fluorescent sample
  • 90 seconds for perfect alignment of all beams confocal and STED, plus pinhole detection
  • Image under perfect contitions, round the clock

Fully concentrate on your research and let our microscopes do the alignment for you. Automatically, at any time!

Dr. Andreas Schönle. Caption: Physicist, Co-Founder and passionate Photon Hunter

Why do we usually recommend APDs in our microscopes and why aren’t we worried about the supposedly lower dynamic range?

Having too many photons is never a problem. Therefore, detectors with the highest quantum efficiency are always the best choice, such as in a MATRIX array.

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