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Year Journal Author Title Microscope|Dye
2024 Nature Microbiology Ni, Z., et al. Influenza virus uses mGluR2 as an endocytic receptor to enter cells
2024 Nature Methods Dasgupta, A., et al. Effects and avoidance of photoconversion-induced artifacts in confocal and STED microscopy
2024 Photonics Zhang, Z., et al. In Situ Structural Characterization of Cardiomyocyte Microenvironment by Multimodal STED Microscopy
2024 Plos Pathogens Baptista, C. G., et al. The Toxoplasma gondii F-Box Protein L2 Functions as a Repressor of Stage Specific Gene Expression
2024 Cell Communication and Signaling Groza, Y., et al. Small protein blockers of human IL-6 receptor alpha inhibit proliferation and migration of cancer cells
2024 Brain Thumbadoo, K.M., et al. Hippocampal aggregation signatures of pathogenic UBQLN2 in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia
2024 iScience Bidell, D., et al. Photoreceptors for immediate effects of light on circadian behavior
2024 Molecular Psychiatry Delling, J.P., et al. Combined expansion and STED microscopy reveals altered fingerprints of postsynaptic nanostructure across brain regions in ASD-related SHANK3-deficiency
2024 British Journal of Pharmacology Liepinsh, E., et al. British Journal of Pharmacology British Journal of Pharmacology RESEARCH ARTICLE Open Access Hydroxymethylglutaryl-CoA reductase activity is essential for mitochondrial β-oxidation of fatty acids to prevent lethal accumulation of long-chain acylcarnitines in the mouse liver
2024 Food Hydrocolloids Xia, W., et al. Acid-induced gels from mixtures of micellar casein and pea protein: Effect of protein ratio and preheating route
2024 International Journal of Molecular Sciences Pochechueva, T.V., et al. 3D Super-Resolution Nuclear Q-FISH Imaging Reveals Cell-Cycle-Related Telomere Changes
2024 Bioactive Materials Na, J., et al. Extracellular matrix stiffness as an energy metabolism regulator drives osteogenic differentiation in mesenchymal stem cells
2024 Cell Reports Klinger, C.M., et al. Evolutionary analysis identifies a Golg ipathway and correlates lineage-specific factors with endomembrane organelle emergence in apicomplexans
2024 Journal of Microscopy Lopez, S.G., et al. On the pixel selection criterion for the calculation of the Pearson’s correlation coefficient in fluorescence microscopy
2024 Cell Reports Wang, T., et al. Dual roles of CCDC102A in governing centrosome duplication and cohesion
2024 Scientific Reports Schmidt, S.C., et al. Microscopic clusters feature the composition of biochemical tetraspanin-assemblies and constitute building-blocks of tetraspanin enriched domains
2024 Life Science Alliance Stephan, T., et al. Drosophila MIC10b can polymerize into cristae-shaping filaments
2024 Nature Communications Lacouture, C., et al. LFA-1 nanoclusters integrate TCR stimulation strength to tune T-cell cytotoxic activity
2024 Nature Communications Ye, Z., et al. Structural heterogeneity of the ion and lipid channel TMEM16F
2023 STAR Protocols Kruzich, E., et al. A pipeline for STED super-resolution imaging and Imaris analysis of nanoscale synapse organization in mouse cortical brain slices
2023 Microbiology Spectrum Lucidi, M., et al. Expanding the microbiologist toolbox via new far-red-emitting dyes suitable for bacterial imaging
2023 Journal of Microscopy Koerfer, A., et al. Influence of different surface cleaning methods on STED-FCS and scanning STED-FCS calibration measurements
2023 Molecular Microbiology Carsten, A., et al. Super-resolution fluorescence microscopy for investigating bacterial cell biology
2023 Journal of Biological Chemistry Peckham, M., et al. Effects of specific disease mutations in non-muscle myosin 2A on its structure and function
2023 Nucleic Acids Research Breindl, M., et al. Biochemical and cellular insights into the Baz2B protein, a non-catalytic subunit of the chromatin remodeling complex
2023 Food Hydrocolloids Bäther, S., et al. Phase behaviour and structure formation of alginate-gelatin composite gels
2023 BMC Biology Woelfle, S., et al. Expression profiles of the autism-related SHANK proteins in the human brain
2023 ACS Omega Annušová, A., et al. Selective Tumor Hypoxia Targeting Using M75 Antibody Conjugated Photothermally Active MoOx Nanoparticles
2023 Toxins Schneemann, M., et al. A Colonic Organoid Model Challenged with the Large Toxins of Clostridioides difficile TcdA and TcdB Exhibit Deregulated Tight Junction Proteins
2023 Cell Reports Olah, S.S., et al. Acute reorganization of postsynaptic GABA A receptors reveals the functional impact of molecular nanoarchitecture at inhibitory synapse
2023 mBio Arone, C., et al. HTLV-1 biofilm polarization maintained by tetraspanin CD82 is required for efficient viral transmission
2023 BMC Biology Clos‑Sansalvador, M., et al. Agarose spot migration assay to measure the chemoattractant potential of extracellular vesicles: applications in regenerative medicine and cancer metastasis
2023 Autophagy Binotti, B., et al. ATG9 resides on a unique population of small vesicles in presynaptic nerve terminals
2023 bioRxiv Pancheng, Xie, et al. Mammalian circadian clock proteins form dynamic interacting microbodies distinct from phase separation
2023 bioRxiv Matúš, D., et al. The Essential Role of Latrophilin-1 Adhesion GPCR Nanoclusters in Inhibitory Synapses
2023 Nature Communications Raya-Sandino, A., et al. Claudin-23 reshapes epithelial tight junction architecture to regulate barrier function
2023 PLOS genetics Roca-Umbert, A., et al. Human genetic adaptation related to cellular zinc homeostasis
2023 Biophysical Journal Socrier, L. , et al. Fluorophore position of headgroup-labeled Gb3 glycosphingolipids in lipid bilayers
2023 Research Square Marques, A., et al. Meiotic recombination dynamics in plants with repeat-based holocentromeres shed light on the primary drivers of crossover patterning
2023 Journal of Cell Biology Sullenberger, C., et al. Centrosomal organization of Cep152 provides flexibility in Plk4 and procentriole positioning
2023 bioRxiv Frantzmann, F., et al. Neuronal correlates of time integration into memories
2023 bioRxiv Koestler, S.A., et al. Transcriptionally active chromatin loops contain both ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ histone modifications that exhibit exclusivity at the level of nucleosome clusters
2023 Cancer Discovery Bercier, P., et al. Structural basis of PML/RARA oncoprotein targeting by arsenic unravels a cysteine rheostat controlling PML body assembly and function
2023 bioRxiv Rentsch, J., et al. Sub-membrane actin rings compartmentalize the plasma membrane
2023 bioRxiv Rajan, S.S., et al. EWSR1 nuclear organization 1 EWSR1’s visual modalities are defined by its association with nucleic acids and RNA polymerase II
2023 Cell Reports Methods Han, Y., et al. Three-dimensional multi-color optical nanoscopy at sub-10-nm resolution based on small-molecule organic probes
2023 Research Square Turner, K.A., et al. Abnormal Centriolar Biomarker Ratios Correlate with Unexplained Bull Artificial Insemination Subfertility – a Pilot Study
2023 bioRxiv Tortarolo, G., et al. A Compact and Effective Photon-Resolved Image Scanning Microscope
2023 eLife Vitet, H., et al. loHuntingtin recruits KIF1A to transport synaptic vesicle precursors along the mouse axon to support synaptic transmission and motor skill learning
2023 Journal of Cell Biology Rouaud, F., et al. Cingulin and paracingulin tether myosins-2 to junctions to mechanoregulate the plasma membrane
2023 Angewandte Chemie International Edition Thielhorn, R., et al. Controlled grafting expansion microscopy
2023 Nature Cell Biology Ji, Y., et al. SEL1L–HRD1 endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation controls STING-mediated innate immunity by limiting the size of the activable STING pool
2023 The Immune Synapse: Methods and Protocols Mørch, A. M., et al. Investigating diffusion dynamics and interactions with scanning fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (sFCS)
2023 bioRxiv Castellani, M., et al. Meiotic recombination dynamics in plants with repeat-based holocentromeres shed light on the primary drivers of crossover patterning
2023 bioRxiv Bidell, D., et al. Immediate effects of light on circadian eclosion and locomotor activity depend on distinct sensory input pathways
2023 PLoS biology Hakes, A. C., et al. Plasticity of Drosophila germ granules during germ cell development
2023 Chemistry‐Methods Kim, D., et al. A Bright Surprise: Live‐Cell Labeling with Negatively Charged Fluorescent Probes based on Disulfonated Rhodamines and HaloTag
2023 Nature Cell Biology Bhattacharya, A., et al. A lysosome membrane regeneration pathway depends on TBC1D15 and autophagic lysosomal reformation proteins
2023 Journal of Cell Science Flinois, A., et al. Paracingulin recruits CAMSAP3 to tight junctions and regulates microtubule and polarized epithelial organization
2023 bioRxiv Irala, D., et al. Astrocyte-Secreted Neurocan Controls Inhibitory Synapse Formation and Function
2023 Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy Rusak, A., et al. Multimodal study of CHI3L1 inhibition and its effect on angiogenesis, migration, immune response and refractive index of cellular structures in glioblastoma
2023 International Journal of Molecular Sciences Hudecz, D., et al. Modelling a Human Blood-Brain Barrier Co-Culture Using an Ultrathin Silicon Nitride Membrane-Based Microfluidic Device
2023 Soft Matter Madsen, M., et al. Tuning alginate β-lactoglobulin complex coacervation by modulating pH and temperature
2023 Microbiology Spectrum Malet-Villemagne, J., et al. Polysaccharide II Surface Anchoring, the Achilles’ Heel of Clostridioides difficile
2023 JCI insight Shoykhet, M., et al. EGFR inhibition leads to enhanced desmosome assembly and cardiomyocyte cohesion via ROCK activation
2023 Life Krstic, A.M., et al. Increased Mitochondrial Calcium Fluxes in Hypertrophic Right Ventricular Cardiomyocytes from a Rat Model of Pulmonary Artery Hypertension
2023 bioRxiv Clavet-Fournier, V., et al. Pre-and postsynaptic nanostructures increase in size and complexity after LTP induction
2023 Journal of Biomedical Optics Parker, M., et al. Multifaceted mirror array illuminator for fluorescence excitation-scanning spectral imaging microscopy
2023 Life Science Alliance Almanzar, D. A., et al. Meiotic DNA exchanges in C. elegans are promoted by proximity to the synaptonemal complex
2023 Applied Sciences Nepita, I., et al. Image Scanning Microscopy to Investigate Polycomb Protein Colocalization onto Chromatin
2023 Star Protocols Almeida, A. C., et al. Optimized protocol for live-cell analysis of kinetochore fiber maturation in Indian muntjac cells
2023 Journal of Cell Science Bleiler, M., et al. Incorporation of 53BP1 into phase-separated bodies in cancer cells during aberrant mitosis
2023 PlosBiology Singer, M., et al. A central CRMP complex essential for invasion in Toxoplasma gondii
2023 cells Awas, K., et al. Impaired Intestinal Permeability of Tricellular Tight Junctions in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Mixed Bowel Habits (IBS-M)
2022 Ebiomedicine 87 Miluzio, A., et al. Mapping of functional SARS-CoV-2 receptors in human lungs establishes differences in variant binding and SLC1A5 as a viral entry modulator of hACE2
2022 Science Direct Shen, W., et al. Comprehensive maturity of nuclear pore complexes regulates zygotic genome activation
2022 cells Dahlke, E., et al. Megalin Orchestrates FcRn Endocytosis and Trafficking
2022 Molecular biology of the cell Del Signore, J. S., et al. An approach for quantitative mapping of synaptic periactive zone architecture and organization
2022 Molecular Psychiatry Hassani Nia, F, et al. Structural deficits in key domains of Shank2 lead to alterations in postsynaptic nanoclusters and to a neurodevelopmental disorder in humans
2022 arXif Zunino, A., et al. Reconstructing the Image Scanning Microscopy Dataset: an Inverse Problem
2022 Communications Biology Torralba, J., et al. Molecular recognition of a membrane-anchored HIV-1 pan-neutralizing epitope
2022 ChemPhysChem Alvelid, J., et al. Far red‐shifted CdTe quantum dots for multicolour STED nanoscopy
2022 Science Advances Berardi, D. E., et al. Lipid droplet turnover at the lysosome inhibits growth of hepatocellular carcinoma in a BNIP3-dependent manner
2022 Nature communications Durand, S. , et al. Joint control of meiotic crossover patterning by the synaptonemal complex and HEI10 dosage
2022 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Feijão, T., et al. Polycomb group (PcG) proteins prevent the assembly of abnormal synaptonemal complex structures during meiosis
2022 Nature Communications Johnson, J. L., et al. Differential dysregulation of granule subsets in WASH-deficient neutrophil leukocytes resulting in inflammation
2022 International journal of molecular sciences Insausti, S., et al. Functional Delineation of a Protein–Membrane Interaction Hotspot Site on the HIV-1 Neutralizing Antibody
2022 Biophysical Journal Gurdap, C. O., et al. Influence of the extracellular domain size on the dynamic behavior of membrane proteins
2022 Biomedicines Lichterfeld, Y., et al. Hypergravity Attenuates Reactivity in Primary Murine Astrocytes
2022 Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences Kaak, J. L., et al. Unraveling the intestinal epithelial barrier in cyanotoxin microcystin-treated Caco-2 cell monolayers
2022 Nature communications Céspedes, P. F., et al. T-cell trans-synaptic vesicles are distinct and carry greater effector content than constitutive extracellular vesicles
2022 International Journal of Molecular Sciences Vigetti, L., et al. The BCC7 Protein Contributes to the Toxoplasma Basal Pole by Interfacing between the MyoC Motor and the IMC Membrane Network
2022 PloS one Kopanchuk, S., et al. Intracellular dynamics of the Sigma-1 receptor observed with super-resolution imaging microscopy
2022 Cells Cresto, N., et al. Hippocampal Excitatory Synaptic Transmission and Plasticity Are Differentially Altered during Postnatal Development by Loss of the X-Linked Intellectual Disability Protein Oligophrenin-1
2022 International Journal of Molecular Sciences Solarska-Ściuk, K., et al. Identifying the Molecular Mechanisms and Types of Cell Death Induced by bio-and pyr-Silica Nanoparticles in Endothelial Cells
2022 Cell Reports Meka, D. P., et al. Centrosome-dependent microtubule modifications set the conditions for axon formation
2022 Nanomaterials Leroux, M. M., et al. Aerosol–Cell Exposure System Applied to Semi-Adherent Cells for Aerosolization of Lung Surfactant and Nanoparticles Followed by High Quality RNA Extraction
2022 Journal of Biological Chemistry Hitschler, L., et al. The transmembrane domain of the amyloid precursor protein is required for anti-amyloidogenic processing by α-secretase ADAM10
2022 Cell Reports Almeida, A. C., et al. Augmin-dependent microtubule self-organization drives kinetochore fiber maturation in mammals
2022 STAR protocols Buettner, J. M., et al. Laser microscopy acquisition and analysis of premotor synapses in the murine spinal cord
2022 Neuron Upmanyu, N., et al. Colocalization of different neurotransmitter transporters on synaptic vesicles is sparse except for VGLUT1 and ZnT3
2022 Biomolecules Bernegger, S., et al. E-Cadherin Orthologues as Substrates for the Serine Protease High Temperature Requirement A (HtrA)
2022 Analysis & Sensing Chen, F., et al. Rhodamine Fluorophores for STED Super‐Resolution Biological Imaging
2022 Journal of Medicinal Chemistry Yelland, T., et al. Stabilization of the RAS: PDE6D Complex Is a Novel Strategy to Inhibit RAS Signaling
2022 Cells Biernatowska, A., et al. MPP1 Determines the Mobility of Flotillins and Controls the Confinement of Raft-Associated Molecules
2022 Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology Miranda, A., et al. Poly-L-Lysine and human plasmatic fibronectin films as proactive coatings to improve implants biointegration
2022 Science advances Scaramuzzino, C., et al. Calcineurin and huntingtin form a calcium-sensing machinery that directs neurotrophic signals to the nucleus
2022 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes Sezgin, E., et al. Giant plasma membrane vesicles to study plasma membrane structure and dynamics
2021 Elife Dennerlein, S., et al. Defining the interactome of the human mitochondrial ribosome identifies SMIM4 and TMEM223 as respiratory chain assembly factors
2021 iScience Gdaniec, B. G., et al. Pseudomonas aeruginosa rhamnolipid micelles deliver toxic metabolites and antibiotics into Staphylococcus aureus
2021 iScience Marty, F. H., et al. Borna disease virus docks on neuronal DNA double-strand breaks to replicate and dampens neuronal activity
2021 Biophysical Reports Carravilla, P., et al. Long-term STED imaging of membrane packing and dynamics by exchangeable polarity-sensitive dyes
2021 The Journal of physiology Joshi, Y., et al. VGLUT3‐p. A211V variant fuses stereocilia bundles and elongates synaptic ribbons
2021 Nano Research Wang, L., et al. Low-power STED nanoscopy based on temporal and spatial modulation
2021 Cell reports Brüser, C., et al. The TFAM-to-mtDNA ratio defines inner-cellular nucleoid populations with distinct activity levels
2021 Traffic Wagner, K., et al. Phospholipase D and retromer promote recycling of TRPL ion channel via the endoplasmic reticulum
2021 Journal of the American Chemical Society Butkevich, A. N., et al. Photoactivatable Fluorescent Dyes with Hydrophilic Caging Groups and Their Use in Multicolor Nanoscopy
2021 Food Hydrocolloids Bonilla, J. C., et al. Super-resolution microscopy to visualize and quantify protein microstructural organization in food materials and its relation to rheology: Egg white proteins
2021 Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications Koganezawa, N., et al. Super-resolved 3D-STED microscopy identifies a layer-specific increase in excitatory synapses in the hippocampal CA1 region of Neuroligin-3 KO mice
2021 Nature Communications Gomkale, R., et al. Mapping protein interactions in the active TOM-TIM23 supercomplex
2021 Cells Freitas, R. O., et al. Nano-Infrared Imaging of Primary Neurons
2021 Molecular Systems Biology Pancholi, A., et al. RNA polymerase II clusters form in line with surface condensation on regulatory chromatin
2021 iScience Rujas, E., et al. Focal accumulation of aromaticity at the CDRH3 loop mitigates 4E10 polyreactivity without altering its HIV neutralization profile
2021 Development Basta, L. P., et al. New mouse models for high resolution and live imaging of planar cell polarity proteins in vivo
2021 Life Science Alliance Simon, C. S., et al. An extended DNA-free intranuclear compartment organizes centrosome microtubules in malaria parasites
2021 Microscopy Research and Technique Xu, X., et al. A protocol for single‐source dual‐pulse stimulated emission depletion setup with Bessel modulation
2021 Nucleic Acids Research Vrielynck, N., et al. Conservation and divergence of meiotic DNA double strand break forming mechanisms in Arabidopsis thaliana
2021 Cell Host & Microbe Bou-Nader, C., et al. HIV-1 matrix-tRNA complex structure reveals basis for host control of Gag localization
2021 Angewandte Chemie Schneider, A. F. L., et al. Cell‐Permeable Nanobodies Allow Dual‐Color Super‐Resolution Microscopy in Untransfected Living Cells
2021 STAR protocols Kedia, S., et al. Quantifying molecular aggregation by super resolution microscopy within an excitatory synapse from mouse hippocampal neurons
2021 Glia Welle, A., et al. Epigenetic control of region‐specific transcriptional programs in mouse cerebellar and cortical astrocytes
2021 Journal of Cell Biology Meitinger, F., et al. TRIM37 prevents formation of condensate-organized ectopic spindle poles to ensure mitotic fidelity
2021 Cancer research Matthias, J., et al. Cytoplasmic localization of prostate-specific membrane antigen inhibitors may confer advantages for targeted cancer therapies
2021 Nature Computational Science Tameling, C., et al. Colocalization for super-resolution microscopy via optimal transport
2021 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Capilla-Pérez, L., et al. The synaptonemal complex imposes crossover interference and heterochiasmy in Arabidopsis
2021 Nature communications Prieto, M., et al. Missense mutation of Fmr1 results in impaired AMPAR-mediated plasticity and socio-cognitive deficits in mice
2021 Viruses Chojnacki, J., et al. Super-Resolution STED Microscopy-Based Mobility Studies of the Viral Env Protein at HIV-1 Assembly Sites of Fully Infected T-Cells
2021 Scientific reports Malek, N., et al. The origin of the expressed retrotransposed gene ACTBL2 and its influence on human melanoma cells’ motility and focal adhesion formation
2021 The Plant Cell Kurzbauer, M. T., et al. ATM controls meiotic DNA double-strand break formation and recombination and affects synaptonemal complex organization in plants
2021 Journal of Cell Biology Tian, Y., et al. Superresolution characterization of core centriole architecture
2021 IScience Kedia, S., et al. Alteration in synaptic nanoscale organization dictates amyloidogenic processing in Alzheimer’s disease
2021 Journal of extracellular vesicles Benet, S., et al. Dissemination of Mycobacterium tuberculosis is associated to a SIGLEC1 null variant that limits antigen exchange via trafficking extracellular vesicles
2020 Blood advances Simpson, S. R., et al. Platelets function as an acute viral reservoir during HIV-1 infection by harboring virus and T-cell complex formation
2020 Neurotoxicity Research Valdinocci, D., et al. Alpha-synuclein aggregates associated with mitochondria in tunnelling nanotubes
2020 Cell reports Rujas, E., et al. Affinity for the interface underpins potency of antibodies operating in membrane environments
2020 The EMBO journal Stephan, T., et al. MICOS assembly controls mitochondrial inner membrane remodeling and crista junction redistribution to mediate cristae formation
2020 ACS photonics Barbotin, A., et al. Background reduction in STED-FCS using a bivortex phase mask
2020 Journal of Biophotonics Lucidi, M., et al. STED nanoscopy of KK114‐stained pathogenic bacteria
2020 Nature cell biology Zhang, R., et al. Dynamin regulates the dynamics and mechanical strength of the actin cytoskeleton as a multifilament actin-bundling protein
2020 JCI insight Schinner, C., et al. Stabilization of desmoglein-2 binding rescues arrhythmia in arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy
2020 Journal of Biological Chemistry Stanly, T. A., et al. The cortical actin network regulates avidity-dependent binding of hyaluronan by the lymphatic vessel endothelial receptor LYVE-1
2020 Cancers Pachathundikandi, S. K., et al. Helicobacter pylori Avoids the Critical Activation of NLRP3 Inflammasome-Mediated Production of Oncogenic Mature IL-1β in Human Immune Cells
2020 Scientific reports Finke, J., et al. Anatomy of a viral entry platform differentially functionalized by integrins α3 and α6
2020 Journal of Cell Biology Ferreira, L. T., et al. α-Tubulin detyrosination impairs mitotic error correction by suppressing MCAK centromeric activity
2020 Optics express Vinçon, B., et al. Pixel hopping enables fast STED nanoscopy at low light dose
2020 EMBO reports Covill‐Cooke, C., et al. Peroxisomal fission is modulated by the mitochondrial Rho‐GTPases, Miro1 and Miro2
2019 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Rudolph, F., et al. Resolving titin’s lifecycle and the spatial organization of protein turnover in mouse cardiomyocytes
2019 Current Biology Zielinska, A. P., et al. Meiotic kinetochores fragment into multiple lobes upon cohesin loss in aging eggs
2019 MBio Zila, V., et al. Analysis of CA content and CPSF6 dependence of early HIV-1 replication complexes in SupT1-R5 cells
2019 Science advances Favard, C., et al. HIV-1 Gag specifically restricts PI (4, 5) P2 and cholesterol mobility in living cells creating a nanodomain platform for virus assembly
2019 Scientific reports Stephan, T., et al. Live-cell STED nanoscopy of mitochondrial cristae
2019 Nature communications Bartok, A., et al. IP3 receptor isoforms differently regulate ER-mitochondrial contacts and local calcium transfer
2019 Journal of Cell Biology Gong, J., et al. Gulp1 controls Eph/ephrin trogocytosis and is important for cell rearrangements during development
2019 Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics Wurm, C. A., et al. Correlative STED super-resolution light and electron microscopy on resin sections
2019 Nature communications Comerci, C. J., et al. Topologically-guided continuous protein crystallization controls bacterial surface layer self-assembly
2019 Viruses Kummer, S., et al. IFITM3 clusters on virus containing endosomes and lysosomes early in the influenza A infection of human airway epithelial cells
2019 Nature microbiology Perez-Zsolt, D., et al. Anti-Siglec-1 antibodies block Ebola viral uptake and decrease cytoplasmic viral entry
2019 Nature communications Salvarani, N., et al. The K219T-Lamin mutation induces conduction defects through epigenetic inhibition of SCN5A in human cardiac laminopathy
2019 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Stoldt, S., et al. Mic60 exhibits a coordinated clustered distribution along and across yeast and mammalian mitochondria
2019 Optics express Pereira, A., et al. Coherent-hybrid STED: high contrast sub-diffraction imaging using a bi-vortex depletion beam
2019 Elife Bejarano, D. A., et al. HIV-1 nuclear import in macrophages is regulated by CPSF6-capsid interactions at the nuclear pore complex
2019 Nature communications Carravilla, P., et al. Molecular recognition of the native HIV-1 MPER revealed by STED microscopy of single virions
2018 PLoS pathogens Nauth, T., et al. Visualization of translocons in Yersinia type III protein secretion machines during host cell infection
2018 Science signaling Diercks, B. P., et al. ORAI1, stromal interaction molecules 1/2, and ryanodine receptor type 1 shape sub-second Ca2+ microdomains upon T cell activation
2019 Nature methods Gambarotto, D., et al. Imaging cellular ultrastructures using expansion microscopy (U-ExM)
2018 Nature communications Durand, A., et al. A machine learning approach for online automated optimization of super-resolution optical microscopy
2018 Nucleic acids research Hegedüs, É., et al. Endogenous single-strand DNA breaks at RNA polymerase II promoters in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
2018 Developmental cell Krahmer, N., et al. Organellar proteomics and phospho-proteomics reveal subcellular reorganization in diet-induced hepatic steatosis
2018 Traffic Ringer, K., et al. The large GTPase Mx1 binds Kif5B for cargo transport along microtubules
2018 Cell Meyer, K., et al. Mutations in disordered regions can cause disease by creating dileucine motifs
2018 ACS nano Schneider, F., et al. Statistical analysis of scanning fluorescence correlation spectroscopy data differentiates free from hindered diffusion
2018 Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes Mobarak, E., et al. How to minimize dye-induced perturbations while studying biomembrane structure and dynamics: PEG linkers as a rational alternative
2018 Nano letters Schneider, F., et al. Nanoscale spatiotemporal diffusion modes measured by simultaneous confocal and stimulated emission depletion nanoscopy imaging
2018 Scientific reports Soliman, K., et al. Super-resolution imaging reveals the sub-diffraction phenotype of Zellweger Syndrome ghosts and wild-type peroxisomes
2018 Review of Scientific Instruments Heine, J., et al. Three dimensional live-cell STED microscopy at increased depth using a water immersion objective
2018 Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Molecular Cell Research Chumová, J., et al. γ-Tubulin has a conserved intrinsic property of self-polymerization into double stranded filaments and fibrillar networks
2018 ACS nano Gao, M., et al. Expansion stimulated emission depletion microscopy (ExSTED)
2018 Nature cell biology Stoldt, S., et al. Spatial orchestration of mitochondrial translation and OXPHOS complex assembly
2018 Journal of Cell Biology Walther, N., et al. A quantitative map of human Condensins provides new insights into mitotic chromosome architecture
2018 Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience Katidou, M., et al. G-protein coupled receptors Mc4r and Drd1a can serve as surrogate odorant receptors in mouse olfactory sensory neurons
2018 Journal of virology Rujas, E., et al. Functional optimization of broadly neutralizing HIV-1 antibody 10E8 by promotion of membrane interactions
2018 The Journal of Physical Chemistry B Vandenberk, N., et al. Evaluation of Blue and Far-Red Dye Pairs in Single-Molecule Forster Resonance Energy Transfer Experiments
2018 Bio-protocol Gaspar, I., et al. Terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase mediated production of labeled probes for single-molecule FISH or RNA capture
2018 Nature communications Cervero, P., et al. Lymphocyte-specific protein 1 regulates mechanosensory oscillation of podosomes and actin isoform-based actomyosin symmetry breaking
2017 Science signaling Samuelsson, M., et al. RhoB Controls the Rab11-mediated Recycling and Surface Reappearance of LFA-1 in Migrating T Lymphocytes
2017 Scientific reports Mitronova, G. Y., et al. High-affinity functional fluorescent ligands for human β-adrenoceptors
2017 Biophysical journal Sezgin, E., et al. Polarity-sensitive probes for superresolution stimulated emission depletion microscopy
2017 Nature communications Chojnacki, J., et al. Envelope glycoprotein mobility on HIV-1 particles depends on the virus maturation state
2017 Photonics Korobchevskaya, K., et al. Exploring the potential of airyscan microscopy for live cell imaging
2017 Elife Mücksch, F., et al. Synchronized HIV assembly by tunable PIP2 changes reveals PIP2 requirement for stable Gag anchoring