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Below you find a list of selected publications that were published with the help of our microscopes and dyes.

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Year Journal Author Title Microscope|Dye
2023 Science Advances Moors, T.E., et al. Increased palmitoylation improves estrogen receptor alpha–dependent hippocampal synaptic deficits in a mouse model of synucleinopathy
2023 Chemistry‐Methods Kim, D., et al. A Bright Surprise: Live‐Cell Labeling with Negatively Charged Fluorescent Probes based on Disulfonated Rhodamines and HaloTag
2023 Scientific Reports Saal, K. A., et al. Heat denaturation enables multicolor X10-STED microscopy
2023 bioRxiv Schirripa Spagnolo, C., et al. Quantitative determination of fluorescence labeling implemented in cell cultures
2023 International Journal of Molecular Sciences de Vasconcelos Junior, A. A., et al. StaR Is a Positive Regulator of Topoisomerase I Activity Involved in Supercoiling Maintenance in Streptococcus pneumoniae
2023 bioRxiv Schirripa, C., et al. Optimized two-color single-molecule tracking of fast-diffusing membrane receptors
2023 European Journal of Cell Biology Otčenášková, T., et al. Proteomic analysis of the mouse sperm acrosome-towards an understanding of an organelle with diverse functionality
2022 Nature Communications Ventura, G., et al. Multiciliated cells use filopodia to probe tissue mechanics during epithelial integration in vivo
2022 Journal of molecular and cellular cardiology Brandenburg, S., et al. A junctional cAMP compartment regulates rapid Ca2+ signaling in atrial myocytes
2021 iScience Gdaniec, B. G., et al. Pseudomonas aeruginosa rhamnolipid micelles deliver toxic metabolites and antibiotics into Staphylococcus aureus
2021 Nature communications Schmidt, R., et al. MINFLUX nanometer-scale 3D imaging and microsecond-range tracking on a common fluorescence microscope
2020 Scientific reports Lavoie-Cardinal, F., et al. Neuronal activity remodels the F-actin based submembrane lattice in dendrites but not axons of hippocampal neurons
2019 Biomedical Optics Express Koho, S. V., et al. Two-photon image-scanning microscopy with SPAD array and blind image reconstruction
2019 Nanoscale Janel, S., et al. Stiffness tomography of eukaryotic intracellular compartments by atomic force microscopy
2018 Journal of biophotonics Görlitz, F., et al. easySLM‐STED: Stimulated emission depletion microscopy with aberration correction, extended field of view and multiple beam scanning
2017 Alzheimer's research & therapy Schedin-Weiss, S., et al. Monoamine oxidase B is elevated in Alzheimer disease neurons, is associated with γ-secretase and regulates neuronal amyloid β-peptide levels
2016 BMC Zoology Rodrigues, M., et al. The cellular basis of bioadhesion of the freshwater polyp Hydra
2016 The EMBO journal Große, L., et al. Bax assembles into large ring‐like structures remodeling the mitochondrial outer membrane in apoptosis
2015 Nature neuroscience Schachtrup, C., et al. Nuclear pore complex remodeling by p75NTR cleavage controls TGF-β signaling and astrocyte functions
2015 Journal of neurochemistry Tam, J., et al. Stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM) in comparison with stimulated emission depletion (STED) and other imaging methods
2015 Applied optics Wang, Y., et al. Dual-mode super-resolution imaging with stimulated emission depletion microscopy and fluorescence emission difference microscopy
2015 Frontiers in cellular neuroscience Pukaß, K., et al. Inhibition of UCH-L1 in oligodendroglial cells results in microtubule stabilization and prevents α-synuclein aggregate formation by activating the autophagic pathway: Implications for multiple system atrophy
2014 Journal of Modern Optics Rong, Z., et al. Real-time super-resolution imaging by high-speed fluorescence emission difference microscopy
2013 NanoBioImaging Clausen, M. P., et al. Pathways to optical STED microscopy
2013 Optical Engineering Wang, Y., et al. Time-gated stimulated emission depletion nanoscopy
2013 In International Symposium on Photoelectronic Detection and Imaging 2013: Micro/Nano Optical Imaging Technologies and Applications Li, S., et al. High speed optical nanoscopy by stimulated emission depletion (STED) with galvo mirrors
2012 Chemistry Nizamov, S., et al. Phosphorylated 3-heteroarylcoumarins and their use in fluorescence microscopy and nanoscopy
2010 Chemistry Mitronova, G. Y., et al. New fluorinated rhodamines for optical microscopy and nanoscopy
2009 European Journal of Organic Chemistry Polyakova, S., et al. New GM1 ganglioside derivatives for selective single and double labelling of the natural glycosphingolipid skeleton