abberior LIVE HaloX for “endless” live-cell imaging

Live-cell fluorescence microscopy is an indispensable tool in biomedical and biophysical research, allowing the study of dynamic processes in living systems. Commercially available live dyes only cover a limited number of molecular targets because each target requires its specific reactive group. The recent development of genetically encoded self-labeling protein tags overcomes this limitation and offers more flexibility to live-cell applications.

HaloTag® technology has become a well-established tool for fluorescence microscopy. However, the covalent, irreversible attachment of the label to the HaloTag® prevents imaging applications that require temporary binding.

Our exchangeable fluorescent abberior LIVE HaloX® labels are combinable with the current HaloTag® system. Due to their high affinity, the probes interact with the HaloTag® protein but can exchange regularly. This is made possible by preventing the formation of a covalent bond and allowing the free exchange of fresh probes. In confocal and STED microscopy, this transient binding ensures that proteins can be detected in the living cell over extended periods, as bleaching processes are no longer crucial.

»The exchangeable nature of abberior LIVE HaloX makes this probe very attractive for multiframe live-cell applications. In addition to reduced photobleaching, its transient binding to HaloTag fusion proteins opens up exciting possibilities in PAINT and MINFLUX microscopy.«

Prof. Dr. Kai Johnsson
Director Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg, Germany,
Head of the Department of Chemical Biology

Exchangeable fluorescent labels for the HaloTag® system

Photostable organic HaloX labels

The combination of a highly versatile choice of target proteins with the ability to label them with photostable organic HaloX labels paves the way for many novel applications of live-cell superresolution microscopy. Thus, HaloX opens up new possibilities in imaging across microscopy platforms such as STED, PAINT, and MINFLUX for a widely used labeling approach.

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abberior LIVE HaloX

abberior LIVE SPY555

Spectrum of abberior LIVE SPY555

abberior LIVE 590

Spectrum of abberior LIVE 590

abberior LIVE SiR

Spectrum of abberior LIVE SiR
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