abberior STAR dyes best for STED and confocal

Our abberior STAR dyes conjugated with secondary antibodies are designed for best performance in STED and confocal microscopy. They feature high brightness and photostability, especially in the red and infrared wavelength ranges. Being tailor-made for superresolution nanoscopy, these fluorescent dyes guarantee sharp and clear images and experimental success.

The dream team of antibody labeling – abberior STAR RED, abberior STAR ORANGE and abberior STAR 460L – enables background-free staining of cells or tissues and multicolor fluorescence imaging at its best, with just one 775 nm STED laser.

Superresolution imaging requires two main ingredients: a super-resolving microscope and dyes that can unlock its capabilites. abberior is the only company that delivers both. In our in-house development department, we optimally attune microscope and dye to make the sum more than its parts. This ensures that you get the best possible results!

»Secondary antibodies conjugated to abberior STAR dyes are nearly infallible and are my first recommendation to people approaching STED to answer biological questions. In particular, STAR 580 and STAR 635P are my favorite dye pair for robust 2-color STED with minimal bleed through and optimal resolution.«

Dr. Elisa D’Este
Head of the Microscopy Facility at Max Planck Institute for Medical Research

Secondary antibodies for fluorescent labeling

Goat anti-
Mouse IgG

Goat anti-
Rabbit IgG

Goat anti-
Chicken IgY

Goat anti-
Guinea pig IgG

Goat anti-
Rat IgG

Donkey anti-
Human IgG

Donkey anti-
Goat IgG

Donkey anti-
Sheep IgG

Affinipure Secondaries

The secondary antibody conjugates with our abberior STAR dyes were developed for high-resolution STED and confocal microscopy and prove their capabilities every day in thousands of experiments all over the world. They feature high specificity and low cross-reactivity, making them ideal for background-free and sensitive multicolor imaging.

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abberior STAR topseller

abberior STAR RED

Absorption and emission spectra of abberior STAR RED

abberior STAR ORANGE

Absorption and emission spectra of abberior STAR ORANGE

abberior STAR 460L

Absorption and emission spectra of abberior STAR 460L
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