abberior LIVE dyes for STED and confocal

The fluorescent dyes of our abberior LIVE series are known for their exceptional labeling capabilities and have been developed for confocal and superresolution microscopy like STED in living cells.

The orange, red and infrared fluorescent markers are ready-to-use to specifically stain proteins and structures such as DNA, tubulin, actin or mitochondria as well as protein tags such as SNAP-tag®.
The high biocompatibility and brightness of our probes enables fast and non-toxic protein labeling, which is ideal for nanoscale results and provides crisp images with high resolution.

These labels replace conventional dyes such as SiR probes, Janelia Farm dyes (JF dyes) or SPY probes for live cell imaging applications.

Superresolution imaging requires two main ingredients: a super-resolving microscope and dyes that can unlock its capabilites. abberior is the only company that delivers both. In our in-house development department, we optimally attune microscope and dye to make the sum more than its parts. This ensures that you get the best possible results!

»The outstanding biocompatibility is for me the greatest advantage of the abberior LIVE dyes, as they are at the same time gentle on living cells and guarantee high-quality STED images.«

Dr. Gražvydas Lukinavičius
Research group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences

Fluorescent labels for living cells





The fluorescent labels for SNAP-tag®, tubulin actin and DNA with our abberior LIVE dyes were developed for high-resolution STED and confocal microscopy and prove their capabilities every day all over the world. They feature high specificity and outstanding biocompatibility, making them ideal for gentle and longtime imaging. 

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abberior LIVE Topseller

abberior LIVE RED

Spectrum of abberior LIVE RED

abberior LIVE 590

Absorption and emission spectra of abberior LIVE 590

abberior LIVE 460L

Spectrum of abberior LIVE 460L
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