abberior FLUX dyes for MINFLUX, PALM and STORM

Our abberior FLUX dyes have successfully proven their quality for single molecule localization microscopy and confocal microscopy in various experiments. It is best to use abberior FLUX dyes for MINFLUX, STORM or PALM whenever very high brightness and low background are required.

The abberior FLUX dyes were developed specifically for techniques like MINFLUX to produce the best super-resolved images down to the single-nanometer scale and to enable ultra-high spatial and temporal resolution.

abberior FLUX 647 exhibiting a high molecular brightness is optimized for single-color imaging. The switching kinetics and spectral separation of abberior FLUX 640 and abberior FLUX 680 make this dye pair the best combination for 2-color MINFLUX imaging. Conjugated to antibodies or as SNAP-tag® probes abberior FLUX dyes ensure background-free labeling in cells or tissue, to get the most out of your sample.

Superresolution imaging requires two main ingredients: a super-resolving microscope and dyes that can unlock its capabilites. abberior is the only company that delivers both. In our in-house development department, we optimally attune microscope and dye to make the sum more than its parts. This ensures that you get the best possible results!

Secondary antibodies & SNAP-Tag® for MINFLUX labeling

Goat anti-
Mouse IgG

Goat anti-
Rabbit IgG

Goat anti-
Chicken IgY

Goat anti-
Guinea pig IgG

Goat anti-
Rat IgG

Donkey anti-
Human IgG

Donkey anti-
Goat IgG

Donkey anti-
Sheep IgG


The secondary antibody conjugates and the SNAP labels with our abberior FLUX dyes were developed for high-resolution MINFLUX and STORM microscopy and prove their capabilities every day all over the world. They feature high specificity and perfect signal-to-noise ratio, making them ideal for background-free and sensitive multicolor imaging down to the single-digit nanometer scale.

Additional labels are available in our shop.

abberior FLUX topseller

abberior FLUX 640

Absorption and emission spectra of abberior FLUX 640

abberior FLUX 647

Absorption and emission spectra of abberior FLUX 647

abberior FLUX 680

Absorption and emission spectra of abberior FLUX 680
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