With FLEXPOSURE we are gentle to the sample and turn all lasers on and off

Fluorescence requires light. Light inevitably bleaches fluorophores. What a dilemma.

That’s why photobleaching is an eternal nuisance in fluorescence microscopy, exacerbated by phototoxic effects in live-cell imaging.

But eternal?… Absolutely not! abberior has the solution: FLEXPOSURE! It protects the sample by bringing down the light dose by up to two orders of magnitude, without compromising on contrast and resolution.

It does so by shining light only where it has an effect, and nowhere else. Instead of illuminating everything at full intensity, FLEXPOSURE strongly reduces or completely shuts down the lasers where there is no signal to be detected. Dark or out-of-focus areas experience almost no irradiation, while regions containing in-focus fluorescent markers are imaged with 100% signal and resolution. This reduces photobleaching and phototoxic effects to the absolute minimum.

Adaptive illumination with FLEXPOSURE thus facilitates long-term imaging over volumes or many frames where conventional imaging has long bleached the sample.



100% resolution with 4% light dose

FLEXPOSURE adaptive illumination

Almost like a starry sky:

A brain section stained for the neuronal proteins spectrin and adducine has few regions that contain structure (neurons with their axons and dendrites) and vast areas of empty background.

Why should you grossly illuminate the latter and harm your sample, when no information can be gained from this?



If you are interested in FLEXPOSURE adaptive illumination and the gentle way of fluorescence microscopy, please contact us.

If you would like to test our perfectly fitting dyes for tissue imaging, you can order a free test kit consisting of our dyes abberior LIVE RED DNA (2 nmol) and abberior LIVE 590 Tubulin (2 nmol).

FLEXPOSURE is the clever way of illumination

Adaptive illumination versus full laser power: For acquiring the image of the delicate tubulin filaments on the left, a dumb microscope pointlessly illuminates the whole image area (B).

Based on low-light probing directly before imaging each pixel (this is no pre-recorded mask!), abberior’s FLEXPOSURE dynamically shuts down lasers where no structure is detected (A).

This intelligent protection scheme is particularly important for live-cell imaging.

A) Laser “on” abberior

B) Laser “on” other suppliers