Focus on Microscopy 2021

Date: 03/28/2021 - 03/31/2021

Abberior will be present at FOM 2021 with a number of presentations:

Sunday, March 28 @ Superresolution I: STED: 

    • 13:05  Matrix STED – Many Eyes See Clearer: Enhancing Signal Quality and Brightness

Wednesday, March 31 @ Superresolution VII: MinFlux and SimFlux:

    • 12:55  Multicolor Bio-Imaging at Molecular Scales with 2D and 3D Minflux Nanoscopy
    • 13:10  Minflux Single Particle Tracking at Exceptional Spatial and Temporal Resolution
    • 13:55  Visualization of Type III Secretion System Components in Yersinia Enterocolitica down to the Molecular Level by Minflux Microscopy

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