Biomembrane Days 2022

Date: 09/19/2022 - 09/21/2022

Visit us at Biomembrantage 2022 in Berlin. abberior’s solutions for superresolution imaging will open your eyes to how easy and reliable live cell imaging can be with our abberior STAR membrane probes.

abberior STAR membrane probes profit from a special linker designed to minimize the impact on the membrane to maintain the overall mobility and diffusivity. Try the new abberior method of cell membrane labeling. In combination with our abberior LIVE dyes, you get a toolbox of super-efficient probes, that provide specific labeling of intracellular targets and outer cell membrane, making long-term live-cell imaging at extremely low nanomolar probe concentrations possible.

Stop by and talk to our scientists about the latest tricks, techniques and developments.