abberior @ Focus on Microscopy 2022

Date: 04/10/2022 - 04/13/2022

Every year we are looking forward to Focus on Microscopy as one of our highlights in the conference calender. This year, abberior will be participating with three talks in total:

On Sunday 10th 13:35 (CET), Florian Grimm will start with:
Multi-colour STED imaging with abberior STAR and abberior LIVE dyes

Next on Wednesday 13th 13:55 it’s Isabelle Jansen with her talk:
MINFLUX nanoscopy of macromolecular scaffolds within photoreceptor ribbon synapses

Finally, also on Wednesday 13th 14:55 there’s Jan-Gero Schlötel with:
Boosting STED super-resolution via lifetime and spatial discrimination

We hope you’re as excited as we are!