Tailor your experiments to the max with abberior LIVE and STAR Halo labels

Live-cell fluorescence microscopy is an indispensable tool in biomedical and biophysical research, allowing the study of dynamic processes in living systems. Commercially available live dyes only cover a limited number of molecular targets because each target requires its specific reactive group. The recent development of genetically encoded self-labeling protein tags overcomes this limitation and offers more flexibility to live-cell applications. HaloTag® technology has become a well-established tool for fluorescence microscopy.

Our brand-new fluorescent abberior HaloTag® labels offer exceptional specificity, rapidly, and covalently bind to the active site of your HaloTag® fusion protein within living cells or on the cell surface. This ensures precise targeting with minimal off-target effects, whether conducting live-cell imaging or examining fixed specimens. The fluorophores conjugated to the HaloTag® ligand are optimized for STED and confocal microscopy, guaranteeing unparalleled clarity and resolution.

But that’s not all. Our labels are versatile and non-cytotoxic, minimizing any impact on cell viability during your experiments. This allows you to delve deeper into cellular dynamics, characterizing both temporal and spatial trafficking signals with ease.

abberior’s fluorescent labels for the HaloTag® technology

With six different colors to choose from, you have the flexibility to tailor your experiments to your specific research needs. Whether you’re studying live-cell interactions, tracking protein dynamics, or exploring intracellular structures, abberior LIVE 550, 590, and RED Halo labels empower you to unlock new dimensions of cellular exploration. Further discover our abberior STAR GREEN, ORANGE, and RED Halo labels. These cell impermeant labels covalently bind to your HaloTag® fusion protein, whether on the cell surface of living cells or intracellular targets of fixed cells.

Don’t miss out on this essential tool for superresolution STED imaging! Get a quote today and discover the power of abberior Halo labels to transform your microscopy experiments.

abberior LIVE Halo

abberior LIVE 550

Absorption and emission spectra of abberior LIVE 550

abberior LIVE 590

Spectrum of abberior LIVE 590

abberior LIVE RED

Absorption and emission spectra of abberior STAR RED
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abberior STAR Halo

abberior STAR GREEN

Absorption and emission spectra of abberior STAR GREEN

abberior STAR ORANGE

Absorption and emission spectra of abberior STAR ORANGE

abberior STAR RED

Absorption and emission spectra of abberior STAR RED
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STED Time lapse movie

In this remarkable time lapse movie, we witness 30 frames of live-cell STED imaging, offering unprecedented insight into cellular dynamics. This living cell is expressing both a HaloTag® and a SNAP-tag® fusion protein. The Mitochondrial import receptor subunit TOM20 was highlighted with the brand-new abberior LIVE RED Halo ligand (magenta) and the endoplasmic reticulum lumen (KDEL) was labeled with abberior LIVE 590 SNAP ligand (green).

Disclaimer: The SNAP-KDEL plasmid was a gift from Francesca Bottanelli, FU Berlin. The TOM20-HaloTag cell line was a gift from Kai Johnsson, MPI Heidelberg.

Two-color STED image

STED image of a living cell expressing clathrin and AP-2, two components involved in the post-golgi trafficking, which were tagged with HaloTag and SNAP-tag, respectively. Clathrin-HaloTag was labeled with our new abberior LIVE RED Halo ligand (magenta) and AP-2-SNAP-tag was labeled with abberior LIVE 590 SNAP (green).

Disclaimer: This cell-line was a gift from Francesca Bottanelli, FU Berlin. For more details please refer to the publication by Alexander Stockhammer and Petia Adarska et al. 2023 “Multi-functional ARF1 compartments serve as a hub for short-range cargo transfer to endosomes

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