Microscopy is an indispensable tool in medicine, biology, and countless other fields. And for your science, you want the finest technology combined with hassle-free operation. Voilà: our superresolution platforms for confocal, STED and MINFLUX imaging.

and take a closer look at the nanometer world


STEDYCON – abberior's confocal and STED microscope – we rock the mic right!

STEDYCON transforms almost any microscope frame into a superresolution STED machine. With its super-intuitive user interface, the STEDYCON provides an intelligent microscope platform that enables everyone to acquire superb superresolution images after only minutes of training.


Product image of an abberior FACILITY microscope

Our FACILITY platform offers you a workhorse instrument that boasts top-of-the-line superresolution STED and confocal imaging. It combines cutting-edge microscopy with unprecedented ease-of-use. 


Product image of an abberior MINFLUX microscope

The MINFLUX is the world’s most powerful fluorescence microscope and the first commercial light microscope to offer true molecular resolution in the single-digit range. Combined with the temporal resolution of 100 µs, molecular movements can be tracked with unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution.

You won’t believe your eyes when you perform your first superresolution STED or MINFLUX experiment!

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